When You Should Rekey Your Locks

May 18 / 2022

When You Should Rekey Your Locks

Proper maintenance routine enhances functionality and increases shelf life. Home and office appliances, among many others rely on proper maintenance to be in tip top shape. Your window and door locks also need regular upkeep to adequately secure your property and belongings.

As a home or business owner, keeping your property and belongings safe is of utmost importance, and contacting a professional service provider like Colorado Springs Locksmith will do just that. In the post, we will take a quick look at the occasions that will require you to rekey your locks.

When You Change Apartment

You found the perfect property for your business operations or found a dream apartment that got you excited to move in. You are already thinking about setting up your new home or office space and can’t wait to move into your newly found apartment.

However, unless you are the first person to use that property, you might want to contact a local locksmith to rekey all the locks in the property. It is common for occupants to give their friends or family spare keys to their apartments. So, rekeying your locks ensures that no one else have access into your property.

It is also possible for the previous occupant to have misplaced a copy of the keys to your newly found property. Rekeying the locks will help protect your property and belongings should the misplaced key falls into the wrong hands.

When You Lose Your Keys

Only a few things can be as frustrating as getting locked out of your property or losing your keys. Most people in this scenario only think about contacting a locksmith to make a new key for their locks. However, you need to think about the possibility of the lost key falling into the hands of a criminal.

Failing to rekey your locks in this scenario makes your property vulnerable to burglaries and thefts. The safest option to explore whenever you lose your keys include contacting a locksmith for lock replacement or rekeying services. Hence, when you lose your keys, rekeying your locks is one of the effective ways to keep your property and everyone in it safe.

When Our Locks Won’t Turn

Have you ever experienced a stuck lock? You insert the right key in the keyhole and for some unknown reasons, the lock won’t turn. Wear and other environmental factors may have affected the lock. Hence, the reason it won’t turn.

Sometimes, proper rekeying is all you need to get the stuck lock to turn again. If your lock won’t turn because its key has been worn, you should contact a locksmith for key replacement services rather than rekeying services. Like every other thing, keys wear over time and this may prevent your lock from turning. Making a new key would help solve this problem.

Final Words

Do you want to rekey, replace or upgrade your locks? Always rely on the experts at Colorado Springs Locksmith. We are your go-to locksmith agency if you need residential or commercial locksmith services. Contact us for rekeying services and other locksmith needs. Our team of experienced locksmiths is always on standby to meet your needs.

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