When to Change Your Commercial Locks

October 18 / 2022

When to Change Your Commercial Locks

There are over 400 000 business burglary offenses each year, most of which are through picking locks or forcible entries, leading to millions of dollars being lost. So it is not an optional measure to keep your commercial building or office safe; it is necessary. And one way to ensure that your buildings are safe is to have strong, durable, quality locks.

But, the problem lies in determining when your commercial building needs a lock change. Unfortunately, most business owners and managers don’t know when to go for a commercial lock change, which has led to many burglaries.

This post will take you through the situations that necessitate a commercial lock change. However, don’t forget to call Colorado Springs Locksmith for your lock replacement needs. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

When You Relocate

One will think it is a glaring fact that business owners should change the locks when they move to a new office, but you will be surprised how most business owners overlook this process. A commercial lock change is one of the first things to do when you just relocate. You can never tell whether the former occupants or other persons still have the keys. To avoid burglaries, ensure you go for a lock change once you enter a new building.

When You Lost Your Keys

The first thing one thinks about when we lose our keys is duplicating a new one, and life moves on. But that is not the case with a commercial building. You can’t predict whether your lost keys have fallen into the wrong hands. Once you can’t find your key, go for a lock change instead of a key replacement. That way, you will be able to avoid any unforeseen incidents.

When You Let Employee(s) Go

If an employee has resigned or you let them go willingly, the best thing to do is to change the locks to parts of the buildings they had access to. But, unfortunately, you can never tell whether they have spare keys or have given them out to other strangers. To avoid changing locks every time an employee leaves, go for a keyless entry system.

Old Locks

Older locks are susceptible to picking and come with less complex mechanisms. If you’ve been using the same lock for the past ten to twenty years, it is time to go for a commercial lock change. Burglars are always relearning the skills of lock picking, and the older the locks, the easier for them.

Break-In Attempt

If your commercial building recently witnessed a burglary, you need a lock change immediately. Some of the ways burglars have access to a building are through lock picking and forcible entry. The best thing you can do is to set up advanced security measures like alarm systems alongside a lock change.

Keeping your commercial building safe should be one of your priorities; going for a lock change is important if you’ve experienced one or more of the above situations. For your key replacement, Colorado Springs Locksmith is your best plug!

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