When to Call a Locksmith vs When to Call a Car Dealership

February 23 / 2023

When to Call a Locksmith vs When to Call a Car Dealership

There are always two major options that car owners have to deal with when having lock-related problems or need a key replacement; that is the locksmith and the dealership. While both parties have their benefits, there are times when a locksmith is the best option for your replacement, rekeying, and lock issues.

Alas, many car owners are usually confused when they are faced with making a choice between the locksmith and dealership. We will provide all clarification you need to make an intelligent decision in this article. Keep reading.

When Do You Need A Locksmith?

Locksmiths are the experts when it comes to handling locks, keys, and lock mechanisms. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about a thing when there is an able locksmith to cater to your needs 

An Emergency Lockout

You are running late for an appointment, and you cannot find your keys, or worse you’ve locked them in the car. It is not the time to panic, the best thing to do at that moment is to call an automobile locksmith. Colorado Springs Locksmiths operates round-the-clock and are fully mobile to get to you and save your day.

On the other hand, calling a dealership means you’ll have to tow your car to their workshop. So, the best personnel to turn to during a lockout is an automobile locksmith. 

Key Replacement

Both locksmiths and dealerships offer key replacement services. However, at first sight, it may seem like a great idea to visit the dealership but that isn’t always the best option. 

First, an automobile locksmith has equal knowledge of replacing and reprogramming a new key to your vehicle.

Moreover, you will get more affordable and stress-free services from a locksmith in Black Forest, CO. You get good service at an affordable price, rather than using a pricey dealership. For all your key replacement services, do not hesitate to call the Colorado Springs Locksmith. 


Isn’t it just relaxing to tell a locksmith to meet you at any location, instead of driving to a dealership and dealing with a long queue before you get attended to?

Most locksmith service providers are fully mobile, so you are not mandated to drive to their physical location which is the case with a dealership. Besides, they have all the necessary equipment for any type of lock and key-related problems. In addition, you get the best services at a more affordable price when compared to a dealership. 

Lastly, you won’t have to bother towing your vehicle to the dealership in the case of an emergency lockout. If you ask us, that is a better deal. 

When To Call A Dealership?

A dealership has all the required tools and equipment for key replacement and other services just like the locksmith. To be honest, they provide great services too. However, their rates are high compared to a locksmith, and they are not mobile! Meaning, you’ll always have to drive to the dealership’s location.

In the end, you need Colorado Springs Locksmith to attend to all your lock-related needs, including key replacement and give you the convenience and great service you and your vehicle deserve.

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