When To Call 911 Instead Of A Locksmith

October 19 / 2021

When To Call 911 Instead Of A Locksmith

The importance of having the contact of a competent locksmith cannot be overemphasized. Emergency locksmiths are bail-out plans for those moments when we are locked out of our cars, homes, and offices. Perhaps, due to carelessness, forgetfulness, or a bad lock.

Colorado Springs Locksmith has a dedicated team of emergency locksmiths that provide round-the-clock services if you are locked out of your house or car.

However, there are instances when calling 911 is the right thing to do than waiting for a locksmith. In this article, we will be looking at four instances when it is best to call 911 instead of a locksmith.

When Someone is in Danger

If you see someone in a locked car or house, perhaps the person is hurt, sick, or unconscious and requires urgent medical attention. It is best to call 911 rather than a locksmith. We understand that sometimes everyone wants to be a hero, but calling a locksmith to open the lock is unnecessary and does little in saving the person’s life.

It is best to call 911, as they can provide medical assistance as soon as possible to save the person’s life.

When a Child is Locked in a Car

A locked car can reach up to 47 degrees Celsius on a hot day. Leaving a child in a locked car for too long may result in heatstroke and possibly the child’s death. The situation can be worse if the child is too young to unlock the door from inside. It is best to call 911 and keep the child calm while you wait for help.

While many have resolved to break a window, the danger is that there is no guarantee that it is safe as shards of glass could injure the child. By calling 911, you can be assured of a safer solution and medical examination of the child.

When a Child is Locked Up

Children can sometimes be accidentally locked in a house or a room. However, the child’s age determines the right action to take. If it is a toddler who barely knows what to do, then call 911 for help. Nevertheless, in the case of little children who can mistakenly inject poisonous substances, it is important to call 911 instead of a nearby locksmith, as the child may require a medical examination after the lock is opened.

Your House Was Broken Into

If you get home to find that a burglar has compromised your locks, the first thing to do is call 911. Calling a locksmith to replace the locks is not the best action to take, even when you are sure that the burglar is gone. It is advisable to call 911 and have the police check your home to provide professional security information. Once marked safe, you can call Colorado Springs Locksmith to replace your locks and perhaps review your security system.

Wrapping Up

At Colorado Springs Locksmith, our client’s safety is a priority. Therefore, when faced with an emergency, always call 911 and also inform us to have a look at your security system. Remember, your safety is of utmost importance.

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