What Types of Keys Can a Locksmith Duplicate

April 26 / 2022

What Types of Keys Can a Locksmith Duplicate

If you are locked out of your house or misplaced your keys, be assured that a professional locksmith can guide and assist you in duplicating or cutting a new key.

As a matter of fact, there are several keys that a locksmith can duplicate but not all.

Many keys exist out there and locksmiths can only duplicate, cut or reprogram some specific types. So it is critical to know the kinds of keys they can duplicate and the ones they cannot. The knowledge of the type of keys a locksmith can duplicate can help you make the right choice while planning to upgrade your locks.

Here are the keys a locksmith cannot duplicate.

Restricted Keys

Restricted keys are the only kinds of keys that cannot be duplicated as all duplication rights belong to the manufacturer. Restricted keys are patent-protected and this limits duplication to the owner alone.

'Do not duplicate' Keys!

These are keys with a 'do not copy' stamp on the key head. Although these stamps may deter you from wanting to get these keys copied, there are no laws that prohibit the cutting of keys with 'do not copy' stamps and so it is not illegal. These stamps are often recommendations and have no legal implications. The next time you need a copy of a stamped key, contact a professional locksmith.

Now that we have mentioned what keys the locksmith cannot duplicate, we will be exploring the kinds that a locksmith can actually work on.

Car Keys

The locksmith can duplicate, cut or reprogram car keys, no matter the car model or make. Automotive locksmiths specialize in car key replacement and duplication. Given the value of your car, it is important to let only a professional handle its keys. Car key jobs are quite technical and so your locksmith will often consider the model, year, and design when making a key and put even more focus and effort into car key duplication.

Deadbolt Keys

Whether you misplaced the keys to your house or want to secure the entrance to your property, you can get your door's deadbolt key duplicated. Locksmiths can duplicate every kind of deadbolt and including the single cylinder, double cylinder, and even the lockable thumb turn. As a homeowner, you can get this to improve your door security, safeguard the building and your valuables. 

Padlock Keys

Padlock keys are usually obtained to protect smaller items or properties like bicycles. A good locksmith will identify the type of padlock you have before starting the duplication process. It is however, important to note that some padlocks are irreplaceable.

Mailbox Keys

Any type or model of mailbox key can be duplicated. Mailbox keys often get lost and so it is a relief to know that they are quite easy to duplicate. You should consider duplicating your mailbox keys if you share your mailbox with family or friends.


When it comes to privacy and security, you should consider only the best locksmith service provider. We at Colorado Springs Locksmith are trusted to provide quality services to our clients at competitive rates. Do well to contact us if you need to have your keys duplicated.

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