What to Do If You're Locked Out of Your Office?

February 05 / 2023

What to Do If You're Locked Out of Your Office?

Imagine you arrived at the office on a bright day, ready to commence duties but cannot find the keys! Maybe they dropped on your way or you misplaced them. Yes, we know, it can be really frustrating. Before you lose your patience and get worked up, try to take a deep breath, relax and think about all your past activities.

If you cannot remember where you lost the keys, don’t worry, follow the tips below.

Get In Through Alternative Routes

If the building has a back door or window, then using these alternative routes to access your office could be a better option. While it may seem unprofessional to do this, it can save time and allow you to open your door from the inside. Some offices have a different key for the back door. If this is the case, you can regain access before calling a qualified locksmith for key replacement.

Pick the Lock

This option is only applicable to spring or tumbler locks. You can use Bobby pins, a wrench, or a credit card to pick the lock. Though not easy, you will succeed with numerous attempts.

Use a Spare key

If you have an employer or co-worker with a spare in the office, call and inform them of your predicament. That way, you can arrange how they can get the key across to you. Also, in some buildings, the security department and building managers keep spare keys. If that’s the case, approach them for a spare to regain access.

Call a Locksmith

If the above options are not accessible, contact the nearest locksmith to get you out of the situation. A locksmith has the expertise and equipment for solving emergency lockout problems. When negotiating, ensure the person is professional and licensed. In addition, you should contact a local locksmith to avoid waiting for a long time. Even though the locksmith may be mobile, it will take more time if they don’t live in your neighborhood.

You’ve got nothing to worry about if you give Colorado Springs Locksmith a try. We are fully equipped and mobile. You will get experienced local locksmiths offering lockout service at an affordable price.

What to Avoid When Trying To Get Into Your Office

In desperation, you may be tempted to use forceful entry methods to gain access to your office. Such an approach is illegal and not allowed. More so, you can end up damaging your lock or door, in the process of applying DIY techniques. That will add up to your cost when you call a locksmith. Whenever you are locked out, call a trusted locksmith to get you out of the situation.

However, keeping a spare key can save all this stress, so it is best to get a key duplication service from a commercial locksmith. You can then keep the keys with other co-workers, or at a secure spot if authorized by your company. At Colorado Springs Locksmith, we offer both residential and commercial locksmith services.

We can install or replace locks in office buildings, healthcare facilities, shopping malls, recreational facilities, industrial complexes, warehouses, and more.  

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