What is a Laser Cut Key?

November 10 / 2021

What is a Laser Cut Key?

Vehicles break-in is an old crime that has been around for a long time. And what makes a lot of break-ins possible is lock picking. When it became so rampant, the automobile industry came up with complex locks, which has proven to be effective since the late 1990s. We know these car keys as laser cut keys or side-winer keys. Unlike the traditional standard key that can be picked easily, they (the manufacturer) made laser cut keys to be tough.

What is a Laser Cut Key

Laser cut keys are car keys made by maintaining a constant depth down the middle of both sides. Unlike the traditional car keys which cuts are made at the edges. This makes the laser cut key thicker and durable compared to traditional car keys.

A laser cut key requires more precision and skillfulness to get each cut right as even a simple mistake can render the car key useless. When compared with traditional car keys, laser cut keys have better benefits and advantages.

Benefits of a Laser Cut Key

  • Locks are Harder to Pick

With a more precise cutting comes a complex lock. Unlike the common traditional car key which can be picked with simple lock picking strategies, laser locks have a different and complicated lock build, which makes it harder to pick. If you have a laser lock installed in your car, before it could be picked, it is either the thief has a piece of laser equipment to duplicate the key (which is almost impossible) or it was a window break-in.

  • Laser Cut Key Equipment is Expensive

Back in the days when vehicle break-ins were unbridled, people brought the standard key equipment to orchestrate their theft. But laser-cut equipment requires quite an investment. The cost of the equipment discourages a lot of thieves from attempting to break into vehicles with a laser-cut key lock.

  • Most Laser Cut Key Has Transponder Chips

Transponder chips are microchips built into the head of a car key that transmit low signals known as radio frequency. Each car has a specific configuration, making it almost impossible to manipulate. If you buy or install a transponder laser cut key, even when your vehicle is picked, the car will not start because the configuration wouldn’t match the key being used.

  • Each Key is Unique

In the earlier days, when traditional keys were popular, it was possible to open another car with a similar key. Some of the automobile companies produce similar keys for the same car models, therefore the chances of using a single key to open multiple car locks became eminent. But with advancements in car security and introducing laser-cut keys, each car is programmed to have a unique key.


Laser car keys are harder to duplicate and are more expensive than standard keys. Therefore, it is advisable to get and program one for your car.

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