Ways to Maintain Door Lock Longevity

April 06 / 2022

Ways to Maintain Door Lock Longevity

Door locks are one of the most used equipment in the home because of their important function of keeping the home secure. Therefore, one will expect that it would also be the most maintained equipment. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Door lock maintenance is often neglected by home and business owners.

However, if you want your locks to last long and function properly, you must take door lock maintenance as one of your priorities. Here are some tips for maintaining your locks and increasing their longevity. 

Periodically Clean Your Door Lock

You want to make sure that you clean the external part of your door lock frequently. Use a mild detergent or damp rag to clean the lock. This goes a long way by preventing dirt from accumulating around the open areas of the lock. However, do not use a chemical or abrasive cleanser to clean your locks, they will cause more damage than good. 

Lubricate your Door Lock 

Make sure you lubricate your lock to avoid friction between the turning parts of the internal mechanism. Go for a dry or a graphite lubricant whenever you want to lubricate your lock. Because of the adverse effects caused to metallic materials, we do not recommend petroleum-based lubricants for your locks.

Make Sure Your Door is Properly Hung

A poorly hung door will create pressure on your lock’s latch and will cause the lock to malfunction and wear out quickly. Ensure that your door is properly hung by checking if there is an equal gap at each side of the door. A properly hung door should have at least ? inch between the door and the door frame. If you are still unsure whether your door is properly hung, contact a reliable locksmith to check it out. 

Make Copies of Your Key 

Keys wear out faster than locks. Once the original key wears out without any copies, you will be forced to buy a new lock. Aside from that, having a spare key will prevent a lockout when you misplace the original key. 

Inspect Your Deadbolt 

You want to make sure that your deadbolt functions correctly. If you have to push or pull your door before operating the lock, then it means that something is wrong with the lock or the door frame. It is best to call a locksmith for troubleshooting and repairs if you suspect something is wrong with your lock. Also, you want to make sure that the deadbolt extends perfectly into the deadbolt hole. 

Inspect the Strike Plate and Screws 

Check the strike plate if it is correctly installed and make sure the screws are 3 inches long to properly secure the lock and prevent sagging.

Be Gentle with the Locks 

Another way locks get worn out is too much application of pressure when locking or unlocking the door. Make sure you gently operate the handles and also close the door behind you with care. 

How long your lock lasts depends on the maintenance you give it. To avoid frequent door lock installation, you can contact the experts at Colorado Springs Locksmith for more guidance as well as follow the above tips to increase the longevity of your locks.

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