Ways to Evaluate the Safe You Are Buying

July 07 / 2021

Ways to Evaluate the Safe You Are Buying

Do you want to buy a safe to secure your belongings or perhaps, you need to upgrade an existing one? If so, it’s critical to get valuable information about safes before proceeding.
Safes are delicate security components for individuals and organizations as it houses the most valuable items. That is the reason they are the first target of burglars whenever they gain access to a residential or commercial building. At Colorado Springs Locksmith, our desire is for you to purchase an ideal safe that will suit your own specific needs and expectations.
Take time to read this article because you will get the right information to help you make an informed buying decision.
However, if you need more clarification about buying a safe, do not hesitate to contact our experts.

Determine the type of Safe you need

Do not be confused by the different types of safes available in the market. You need to identify the items that should be in the safe - irreplaceable documents, cash, jewelry, dangerous items like guns, etc. Then you should choose from the available type of safes:

  • Bespoke or luxury safes
  • Freestanding safes
  • Gun cabinets
  • Fire-resistant and data safes

The size of the safe is also an important consideration. Try getting a safe that is bigger than the anticipated content.

Type of Lock Installed

Safes use different types of locks – from dial (pin code) locks to combinations locks, digital and biometric locks. No matter the lock type in a safe, the aim is to offer protection to its content. Therefore, before making this all-important purchase, you should decide on the right type of lock.
Additionally, you should try to observe other security features about the lock. If the keys are easy or forward to use and if the fixed combination keys are easy to change, then burglars can take advantage of those flaws.

Fire Resistant

Apart from safeguarding expensive items, your irreplaceable documents, important paperwork, data, and media also needs to be secured.
There is a need to protect your important documents from a sudden fire outbreak. You must consider getting a safe with a minimum of an hour fire rating. It is expected that within an hour and before the paper will start to char and burn the firefighters will arrive.

Space between the Door and Body

The distance between the door of the safe and the body says a lot. Having a lot of space allows for easy picking on the bolts used to secure the doors of the safe. Generally, gaps between the body and door are a good invitation to criminals to attempt on a safe. The smaller the said gap, the better the security feature. Also, any hole that is not covered while the safe was under construction is a link for burglars.

The Welding Method

The method of welding used in fabricating a safe is a security issue. Although lots of details may be hidden, spot and continuous welding styles can be dictated with an eagle eye. Spot welding signs are identified by the circular dimple looks of various sizes and distances between one and another. Continuous welding melts metals without significant gaps, they overlap.
Safes with spot welding must be avoided. It’s cheaper to fabricate and faster to complete but you may never know. Opting for the services of Colorado Springs Locksmith helps you identify the original and other hidden secrets about safes.

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