Types of Door Locks Commonly Used on Residential Properties

September 23 / 2020

Criminals love to attack properties with older lock or security systems. This is because they can easily breach old security locks without being caught! Therefore, to protect yourself and loved ones from becoming victims, you need to install the right type of door lock in your property. Contact any nearby locksmith to get lock installation services you need to secure your property. But you may get confused by the countless types of locks out there! However, having the right information about common types of door locks as well as the materials they are made of can help you make the right choice. Here are some of the recommended door locks for residential properties.


Deadbolts are one of the most used door locks because of their ruggedness. Though deadbolts are applied in commercial settings, they are commonly installed on exterior doors of residential properties. Deadbolts come in two types:

  •      Single cylinder deadbolts
  •      Double cylinder deadbolts

The difference between the two is that the latter has a keyway on both sides of the hardware, while the former only accept key on one side of the lock.

One feature that makes deadbolts more secure is the absence of spring-loaded mechanisms. Unlike the locks with spring-loaded latches, there is no way to control the bolt unless a key, turn knob, or a keyless device is used to control the lock.

Door Knob

Because doorknobs provide limited security, they are better used for doors in your home, not for those on entryways. Though a doorknob lock that is equipped with a keyed entry might find its way onto an exterior door, it should not be used in solitary due to the lesser protection it offers.
Types of doorknob include dummy door knobs designed as something to hold onto when opening doors, keyed entry knobs that have a keyway, privacy door knobs that feature a twist or a button lock on either side of the door for privacy purposes. 

Cylindrical lever locks

A cylindrical lever lock has its tumbler and keyhole built into the handle. The lock installs through a door and has a lever or knob on both sides of the door for controlling the latch. Cylindrical lever locks aren’t the best option for entryways as they can easily be bypassed without putting up much of a fight. 

Mortise Locks    

A mortise lockset consists of intricate hardware and installed in the rectangular pocket cut into the door. The complex internal workings and solid construction of mortise locks make for their popularity. While mortise door lock might seem out of fashion, some home and business owners still prefer to have them installed or maintain ones already in place instead of installing any other types of lock. Because of their strength, mortise locksets are desirable options for securing entry doors.


Don’t waste time contemplating the right door lock for your residential property. All you need to do is to let what others have found useful influence your choice. And hopefully, the above resource has helped you see different lock options on the market.
Besides, if you value convenience and peace of mind, there are mortise locks, deadbolts, doorknobs, and cylindrical lever locks that are controlled by electronic means or operated through smart devices. If you want a lock that is equipped with smart or electronic features, one of our residential locksmiths in Colorado Springs will be glad to help you make the right selection. Also, know that we are always available to handle any lock installation, repairs, and replacement. To find out more about what we can do for you, contact us today. 

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