Tips to Repair Common Sliding Door Problems

February 16 / 2023

Tips to Repair Common Sliding Door Problems

The design and configuration of sliding doors boost the beauty of your home. They operate smoothly by moving along a small track inside the frame, which enables them to glide open and close. 

However, they are not foolproof as you may encounter issues while using sliding doors. If you are not technically savvy, fixing minor issues with your sliding door becomes a hustle. So, we will look at common sliding door problems and how to repair them.

Broken Locks

Most times, the included locks on sliding doors are not strong. So, any attempt by burglars could result in huge damages.

The remedy is to always evaluate your sliding door locks. Doing this will help you identify defects on time. Then, hire a professional from Colorado Springs Locksmith to perform quality door lock repair service.

The Doors Are Stuck

Imagine hurrying back home with a trolley full of groceries or rushing out in the morning for an appointment only to discover that the sliding door is stuck! This is an unpleasant experience no one deserves to face. Nevertheless, it could happen because sliding doors can become stuck. 

The main reason sliding doors stick is an accumulation of debris in their track. The buildup of debris will make it difficult for you to glide open or close the door. The debris could be dust, pet hair, grease, and human hair. 

To fix this problem, remove the doors and clean the tracks. If you cannot do this yourself, hire a professional to help.

The Sliding Door's Glass Is Broken

Fluctuations in temperature can cause a problem for sliding doors. If the temperature rises and drops abruptly, the glass inside the door may expand and contract. If this process occurs too rapidly, the glass will break or shatter to pieces.

However, modern sliding doors have an advantage - they use tempered glass. The tempered glass keeps the broken pieces inside the frame. Still, you have to replace the glass or the door itself. Furthermore, ensure that you fix this problem immediately, so the broken glass doesn't injure anyone. 

The Door Has an Alignment Problem

Your door won’t slide if it has an alignment issue. To fix this problem, try to realign the door to its track. One way of doing this is to push the door to make it snap back into place. However, this method can fail if the problem occurs because the track is bent. At this stage, you should hire a reliable locksmith service to fix the door. 

Busted Screens

With kids or pets in the home, you risk having busted screens on your sliding door. Children and pets could run through the sliding door while playing around the house, causing the screens to burst. Other causes of busted screens are leaning or applying too much pressure on the door. 

Installing a new screen is the solution but it could affect your finance. Whenever there is an issue with your screen installing a new screen fixes the problem. Also, the screen replacement allows you to select a stronger material that can withstand more abuse from your family or pet. For all your sliding door lock installation and repairs, do not hesitate to call the expert locksmiths at Colorado Springs Locksmith. We are always available to help.

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