Tips for Keeping Your Car Secure

December 05 / 2020

Tips for Keeping Your Car Secure  

Whether you have an upmarket car that comes with sophisticated security features or an old banger you feel that no-one would think worth stealing, you can never get comfortable losing your car because it is one of your most important assets. Though the reported motor vehicle theft rate has reduced, a research conducted by revealed that 56% of Americans rarely or never worry that their car will be stolen.

Nevertheless, car owners should know that savvy crooks are taking advantage of their carelessness or security negligence to make a quick buck. They should not be complacent about theft but should take a couple of extra simple precautions to ensure that their cars are secured. Here are tips that will help you from becoming a victim to a burglar who specialized in stealing cars.

Always Lock the Car

Though this may sound obvious, it is a critical theft prevention technique every car owner must learn. It is a fact that door locks act as the first line of defense against thieves and intruders. However, having a tight schedule or being in a hurry to meet an appointment may make you miss this simple task. Also, ensure that all windows are rolled up before locking your vehicle.

Install Car Alarms and Immobilizer

Many modern vehicles come pre-equipped with car alarms and immobilizers. These security gadgets serve a good purpose of deterring auto vandalism and theft. Immobilizers restrict intruders from starting your car without the proper chip key. With immobilizers, those car thieves cannot use duplicate keys or hot wiring to get access to your vehicle. However, some older vehicles do not have such gadgets but you can have expert locksmiths from Colorado Springs Locksmith have them fixed for you.

Invest in a Steering Wheel Lock

Car steering and wheel locks are there to help you add another layer of protection to your vehicle. It is also a visual theft deterrent that is designed to withstand most auto theft techniques because it's extremely hard to crack. One of the advantages of these security instruments is that they are very affordable but highly efficient. You might not use it while the car is in the garage but it’s good not to forget fixing it whenever your car is parked in a public place.

Buy and Install a Car Tracker

From periodically checking up on your car to using the device's GPS signal to keep tabs on the vehicle when it is stolen; installing a car tracker is a step in the right direction. There have been many instances where the trackers signals helped the police to recover stolen vehicles. So forget about the dollar bills and consider installing a tracker for the safety and security of your expensive vehicle.

Keep Valuables Out Of Sight

The valuable things people leave inside their cars can make them attract a ‘smash and grab’ street criminal. Pricey items give them more motivation to break into cars. Therefore, you must not leave valuables inside your car. If you do, then try to keep them in the glove box or trunk compartment of your vehicle. Follow the tips shared in this article by the experts from Colorado Springs Locksmith and prevent your car from being broken into or stolen. 

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