The 6 Lock Types a Locksmith Cannot Open

October 16 / 2022

The 6 Lock Types a Locksmith Cannot Open

More homeowners are investing in high-security locks to make their homes as secure as possible. Purchasing one of these locks is a wise investment. Nevertheless, it is good to get familiarized with the operation and characteristics of your desired choice of locks before engaging any service provider for installation or providing any unlocking assistance.

If you want to make your security system extraordinary, it’s good to invest in locks with high picking resistance and reliability. Here are six types of locks that a locksmith won't open because of their level of security architecture.

Smart Locks

The kind of lock and the locksmith's level of experience usually determine the level at which a locksmith can work on smart locks. Opening smart locks that aren't working properly, requires a considerable level of IT expertise. Some of the techniques include programming, interfacing, and integration. Ask your neighborhood locksmith if they can fix your smart lock when it is malfunctioning.

If not, you can feel free to call a professional locksmith from Colorado Springs Locksmith. We have the expertise, tools, and equipment to work on all types of smart locks.


Not many locksmiths have the knowledge and instrument necessary to open a safe. The configuration and materials used while manufacturing most safes differ from that of typical locks. Make sure the locksmith can unlock a safe before asking them for such services. You might end up wasting your time with an amateur locksmith. If their locksmith can handle your safes, they might direct you to someone with the right expertise and experience.


Vaults require specialized equipment and knowledge, much like a safe. Many financial institutions that run vaults solely employ designated technicians. Based on their configuration, programming, and strength of materials, there are several protocols in place before dealing with a vault. An inexperienced locksmith cannot open or handle the complexity of vault opening and repairs.

Uncommon or Complex Locks

A locksmith cannot unlock some uncommon or particularly difficult locks without causing harm to the lock itself. Vintage and high-security locks are included. The locksmith can talk to you about your choices for getting access to what is on the other side of the door if they are unable to unlock the lock.

Lock drilling is a preferred method when other options have failed.

Visual Recognition or Thumbprint

Just as smart locks, visual recognition or thumbprint locks require someone knowledgeable about IT and cyber-security. Although some locksmith services might provide this, the majority won't. Those who do probably only employ one or two locksmiths who have received the necessary training.

Locks with Picking Resistance

Most locks are marketed as unpickable. If this is the situation, your locksmith might not be able to help. Such locks may require replacement or drilling to be opened. It could be necessary to charge extra service fees for the additional time needed to work on such locks.

At Colorado Springs Locksmith, our services aren't limited to lock installation. We offer a variety of services including repairs, rekeying, access control configuration, and more. Our hands-on-the-desk team of experts is available to assist you right away. Call us today to get satisfactory services.

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