Signs It's Time for New Locks

March 01 / 2023

Signs It's Time for New Locks

There are many security measures that you can employ to keep your home or business safe from external attacks. The most basic security step is installing locks in the doors of your house or office. Locks protect you, your family, and your possessions against burglars or invaders.

However, locks don't last forever. They often wear out and become weak with time. Since you can't compromise your security, it is essential to replace locks with new ones when they become less effective. In this guide, we will look at signs indicating you need lock replacement.


Locks have an average lifespan of between five to seven years; however, some locks can last longer than this. Typically, it would help if you replaced locks when they have been in use for more than seven years. Meaning they are too old for your door - likely weak and can fail at any time. So they should be removed and replaced with new locks.

Also, it would help if you replaced old locks because they are susceptible to picking. Burglars often use picking to manipulate the internal mechanism of a lock, bypassing it to gain entry into the building. Thus, to avoid a security risk, change the old locks.

 Unfortunately some homeowners can't even remember how old their locks are. If this is your case, you should call a local locksmith to help replace the locks with new ones.

Minimal Security Features

Some buildings use locks that lack essential security features like deadbolts or keyless entry. Such homes or offices are vulnerable to break-ins from criminals today.

Old or outdated locks should be replaced with modern locks, thereby upgrading the security of the building. When selecting new locks for your property, factors such as security, durability, and ease of use should influence your decision.

The new locks should have modern security features that offer protection against picking and other tactics invaders use to break into homes. If possible, you can hire Colorado Springs Locksmith to install smart locks in your home. Smart locks, whose access can be controlled using a smartphone, have advanced security features.

You Moved Into a New Home

Consider replacing the locks with new ones if you have recently moved to a new home. Changing the existing locks means total control of your home security. Before you purchased or leased the home, access to the property had passed through different hands - former homeowner, realtor, landlord, or tenant. Even though the realtor might have assured you that only you have the keys to the home, you can't be too trusting about this.

To be safe, you should consider lock replacement for all the locks in the home. This way, you are assured that no one else can access the property.

Rusted Locks

Locks exposed to moisture and humidity consistently for a long time tend to rust and become corroded. In case you spot rust or corrosion on your locks, it's time to hire Colorado Springs Locksmith to replace them with new ones. The failure to get a reliable locksmith to change the locks can lead to difficulty opening or closing the locks. You will tend to force the key inside the lock before it opens or closes.

Furthermore, this can cause the key to stick inside the lock or break off. Thus, it would help to change the locks quickly at the first sign of rust and corrosion.

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