Should You Rekey or Replace Your Locks?

February 03 / 2022

Should You Rekey or Replace Your Locks?

Homeowners are aware that replacing a damaged or defective lock is a top priority to guarantee security. At other times, a faulty lock is not the reason for needing lock replacement. It could be that the key to the home is lost and a spare key has not been made, or you just broke up with or even laid-off an angry staff. Whatever the case may be, prompt and proper lock replacement is non-negotiable in guaranteeing the security of homes and properties.

However, lock replacement is not the only ideal option in solving the issue of lost keys or defective locks. Many homeowners are unaware of the possibility of rekeying locks. Although rekeying locks is a new concept to homeowners, it is equally effective in ensuring the security of homes. This article explains which is best: replacing or rekeying your locks.

Difference Between Replacing or Rekeying Locks

Replacing locks involves an overhaul of the existing lock. It is a complete replacement of the entire locking mechanism. Rekeying locks, however, requires dismantling the lock and replacing the pins that allow the key to lock and unlock the door.

Replacing locks involves removing old locks and replacing them with new locks. However, rekeying locks involves modifying the lock mechanism to allow only new keys to open the lock: the new keys replace the old keys.

While lock replacement is more expensive, as it requires buying a new lock and set of keys, including paying for the services of a locksmith. However, rekeying locks is cheaper as the existing lock remains unchanged, but you need new keys the lock has been rekeyed and will no longer work with the old key.

Replacing Locks vs. Rekeying Locks:

Replacing Locks

Lock replacement is most suitable when the goal is to improve your home or business's overall security or aesthetics. Locks may need to be replaced from being worn out, defective, or damaged during a burglary.

Rekeying Locks

Rekeying locks is suitable when the security of the locks are uncompromised, but you are worried about the keys. For instance, if you move to a new home and are uncertain of how many people have spare keys. Rekeying locks is also a good option when you do not want someone in possession of the spare keys to access your home. Rekeying locks allow you to retain your existing locks, but only new keys can unlock them this time.

Which is a Better Option: Replacing or Rekeying Locks?

Replacing or rekeying locks are essential options for lock needs, depending on the situation and homeowner's need. Lock replacement is suitable if there is a need to improve security and replace old or worn-out locks. However, rekeying locks is cheaper and allows for a quick security fix to address lost duplicate keys.


Replacing or rekeying locks are not competitive options for lock needs. Both methods guarantee safety and can be employed simultaneously to ensure safety and provide better security options for homeowners. Nevertheless, if you are still in doubt as to what option to employ for your home or business, contact Colorado Springs Locksmith, and our team of experts locksmith will advise you on what steps to take.

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