Schlage Locks Rekeying Guide

March 09 / 2023

Schlage Locks Rekeying Guide

Rekeying is an excellent idea when you want to improve your security system without replacing the locks. If you're moving into a new home or office, installing new sets of keys for each door would have been reasonable. However, buying new keys for each door is an expensive way of getting the job done, plus you end up condemning your locks and doorknobs.

It's easier to have a master key that opens all the door locks simultaneously instead of carrying different keys around. If you have Schlage locks, rekeying is easier since all the locks are of the same brand. Schlage is a well-known lock brand and it takes only some minutes to rekey them.

Apparently, you'd need a qualified locksmith to rekey your Schlage locks, so Colorado Springs Locksmith services are readily available. Read this guide if you want to know how to rekey Schlage locks with a master key.

Purchase a Schlage Rekey Kit

To get started, you must get a Schlage Rekey Kit. You can walk into a local store to get one or place an order online. You will find all the tools inside the kit, including tweezers, tiny picks, and different springs and pins. The kit also contains a key gauge which you will use to measure the key cut of the Schlage key, follower bar, and cylinder cap.

Remove the Doorknob

After getting your key, you should remove and set the doorknob aside. Push the key gauge into the doorknob. Check to see that the holes in the cylinder are correctly aligned. If not, align by turning the knob in an anticlockwise position. Once done, insert the removal tool, press the metal button, and remove the knob.

Remove the Cylinder

The next step is removing the cylinder using the cylinder removal tool. To do this, turn the key ninety degrees anticlockwise and then remove the cylinder. Then use the tweezers to remove and put the old pins aside.

Start the Rekeying Process

Get the key cut number of your new key with the key gauge. Put the new key inside the cylinder using tweezers to place the pin at the appropriate positions. The kit has a chart that you will follow to help you to know the pin's order and where to place the pins. Ensure to match the correct pins to the right key cut number.

Reinstall the Cylinder inside the Knob

After placement, ensure that all the pins are flushed to the top. While keeping the cylinder at ninety degrees, push back the key plug into the cylinder. Also, ensure the clip ring goes back into the cylinder. From the back of the doorknob, insert the cylinder spring and the pin in place. Then, use the removal tool to tighten the cylinder cap and insert the key and turn it. Finally, test the lock to see if it's working.

Wrapping Up

Carrying a ring full of keys could be bulky, especially after loading them with keys for different doors in the house. Fortunately, you can save yourself the stress by getting a master key that can open all doors. Call us at Colorado Springs Locksmith for a professional locksmith service and we will help you with rekeying and master key installation.

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