Safe Override Keys: Understanding Safe Keys

May 03 / 2022

Safe Override Keys: Understanding Safe Keys

Safes with keyless locks are becoming more popular in the security industry. People prefer to memorize their passwords or pin than deal with the hassles that come with having to keep track of their keys. They believe that electronic safes will keep them from contacting a locksmith for key cutting, rekeying or key replacement services.

Little do they know that these kinds of safes often come with override keys.  Manual safe access or override keys are designed to bypass your safe’s lock mechanism when the pins are lost or password forgotten. As good as that sound, it would also mean that your safe’s lock mechanism would not restrict anyone who has access to its override key. So, what’s the point? Aren’t electronic safes better without override keys?

What is a Safe Override Key?

Thanks to the evolution of technology, most of the door locks and safes today are electronic. This implies that they function using electricity-based mechanism rather than the mechanical models. Some of them use biometric mechanisms, keypads, etc. So, they really do not need traditional keys to function.

However, what happens if the electrical-based mechanism fails? How do you access your safe? Hence, the need for override keys. An override key allows you or a locksmith to access your safe in these scenarios. They offer an additional layer of convenience and protection such that you don’t lose access to your valuables if you forget your password or pin.

An override key would save a locksmith from the need to disassemble the safe to gain access. Hence, saving you some form of additional costs that could arise as a result.

How Does an Override Key Work?

Electronic locks, like mechanical locks, operate through sliding deadbolt mechanisms. Once locked, a bar is released to prevent the deadbolt from sliding back into the door. Unlocking the safe removes the bar, hence, allowing the deadbolt to slide out of the way.

The technology in electronic locks activates the motor in the lock. This activates the bar when locked and removes it to release the deadbolt when unlocked. Override keys simply bypass the motor of the electronic lock to mechanically release or prevent the deadbolt from sliding back into the lock.

Are Safe Override Keys Safe?

Why get an electronic safe with an override key when you can get a mechanical safe at a cheaper rate? Electronic safes with override keys, like mechanical locks with traditional keys, are not completely unsafe. You can still protect your valuables by taking security measures to manage your override key. Keep your override key in a safe place and make sure that no one else has an access to it except you.

Final Thoughts

Override keys do not necessarily make your safe more vulnerable to security breaches. With proper security measures in place, they can be lifesavers when your electronic lock fails or you forgot your password. If you feel that your override key has been compromised, contact Colorado Springs Locksmith for rekeying or key replacement.

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