Rekeying in Colorado Springs

Do you need to change the locks on your home or commercial property? At Colorado Springs Locksmith, we offer premium residential and commercial locksmith services in Colorado Springs, CO and surrounding communities. If your locks have become worn out, damaged or compromised in any way, then it’s important to change them to avoid unnecessary risk. However, many property owners aren’t sure which method of updating their locks is right for them. Here are some reasons why many choose to invest in rekeying services, so you can determine which is the best decision for your specific needs and budget. 

Rekeying vs Lock Replacement 

A lock replacement involves changing out the entire lock unit with a new model. This is a great option for property owners who have suffered severe damage due to an attempted break in, or those who want to upgrade to locks with better security or advanced features. Rekeying services are a fast and affordable alternative to a lock replacement, since it requires a pin replacement and new set of keys, rather than a completely different lock. This is an excellent choice for those who are satisfied with the current style and function of their locks, but they want new keys due to a lockout scenario or security purposes. 

Common Reasons to Invest in Rekeying Services 

Many property owners choose to invest in routine rekeying services. Businesses that provide keys to managers and supervisors will often rekey their locks periodically to reduce internal theft or vandalism from disgruntled ex-employees. Real estate investors frequently choose to rekey the entry door locks on their rental properties between tenants. Homeowners will sometimes change their keys when a roommate leaves, after a divorce or when they feel that too many people have gained access to their locks over the years. Sometimes property owners have lost their only set of keys, and they decide to rekey their locks as a fast and effective way to get back inside while ensuring they remain well protected.  

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Locksmith for Rekeying and Lock Replacement  

There are many Do It Yourself projects that can be performed by property owners. However, when it comes to a lock installation, repair or replacement, it’s important to hire someone with professional training and experience. Mistakes when rekeying or installing new locks could put your home or commercial building at unnecessary risk. When you hire a professional locksmith for the task, you can rest assured that your new locks will remain reliable for many years to come. 

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