Protecting Your Keyless Entry Vehicle From Theft

March 17 / 2022

Protecting Your Keyless Entry Vehicle From Theft

Keyless entry vehicles make up 50% of all stolen cars despite the fact that it makes up only 1% of the vehicles on road. These vehicles are easy targets for car thieves because of their delicate security structures. Car thieves can get access to a keyless entry vehicle and even start the ignition without having the key fob at hand. This type of theft is called "relay theft."

How it Works

Car thieves take advantage of the short-range radio waves a key fob transmits by using a cheap wireless transmitter to amplify these signals, which in turn open the car door. It takes two people to carry out a relay theft, the first person holds the wireless transmitter near your pocket or a few meters away from your key fob, the transmitter then transmits the signal to the person near your car thereby fooling your vehicle to think that the key fob is near. 

Ways to Prevent Theft 

While a relay theft may sound super effective, there are ways you can prevent these thieves from successfully driving away your keyless entry vehicle. Let’s get right into it. 

Use a Signal-Blocking Device 

The frequent ways thieves get access to your keyless vehicle is through the signal your key fob transmits, and when that’s unavailable, they’re deterred from trying any further. So, an effective way to stop your key fob from transmitting these waves is using a signal-blocking pouch whenever you are going out. Faraday’s pouches are a great signal blocking device, thanks to their metallic layers that prevent your key fob signals from being amplified. 

Similarly, you can invest in a motion-sensor that deactivates itself after being dormant for a few minutes

Switch Off Your Key Fob

Find out through your vehicle manual or a trusted automotive locksmith whether your key fobs can be turned off. Once your key fob is turned off, there’s no transmittance of signal that the car thieves can amplify 

Use a Steering Wheel Lock or Car Alarm 

Another effective way to deter these car thieves even if they succeed in gaining access to your car is a steering wheel lock. It is impossible for them to drive your car out once a steering wheel lock is in place, and besides they wouldn’t want to attract attention to themselves. 

Furthermore, you can invest in a car alarm. Although car alarms can be expensive, it is one of the surest ways to keep your car safe and deter car thieves from attempting. Imagine breaking into a car and the blaring alarm goes off. You wouldn’t think twice before making a run for it. 

Invest in a Tracker 

A GPS tracker will not prevent your car from being stolen but it will surely give you the chance to know where your car is headed making it easier for the cops to track them down. Once two or more of these protective methods are in place, be rest assured that your keyless entry vehicle is unlikely to be stolen. 

Call a Locksmith to Upgrade Your Lock

If you feel that the security of your vehicle has been compromised, then call a locksmith from Colorado Springs Locksmith for key fob programming and installation service.

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