Preventing a Home Invasion

June 18 / 2022

Preventing a Home Invasion

Criminal act is universal, but burglary and theft is prevalent in some areas. If the crime rate in your neighborhood is on the increase, you need additional efforts to protect your home from burglars and invaders.

At Colorado Springs Locksmith, we understand that everyone needs peace of mind after the hustling and bustling of the day. That is why we developed this resource to help you get ideas about some preventive security measures that are effective and relatively affordable. Our aim is for you to enhance your home security systems and to protect your property, family, and belongings. Read on to learn new ways and tips to stay safer.

Secure and Control Access Points

Your job as a homeowner is to ensure that you make your home as difficult to invade as possible. You need a comprehensive security assessment of your property to identify the most vulnerable places and entry points. In your assessment, you may come across a door that won’t lock or a broken window lock. It is risky to assume that your home is thoroughly fortified and secured without a comprehensive security assessment from a locksmith.

Once you have identified your home’s weak entry points, you can work towards securing them. In some cases, you may need to opt for high-security lock installation services. You may also need to rekey your locks if you are moving into a new apartment or you lost your keys.

Have Multiple Security Systems

You will need more than a single security system such as an alarm system to protect your home from home invasions. Multiple layers of security are needed to keep every part of your property secure. An alarm system is a no-brainer. However, other measures such as ensuring that your home is well lit, clearing hideouts, and installing security cameras are needed to keep your property, family, and belongings safe from invaders.

Invest in both passive and active security systems. An example of an active security system is a motion-sensor alarm system while a passive one would be a security camera.

Make Your Home Less Tempting to Criminals

Most home invasions are premeditated. This implies that the invaders take time to survey a property before carrying out their illegal activities. Hence, you need to make your property less tempting or less appealing to invaders. You could install deterrents like gates or make your home look ordinary from the outside. Also, you should make sure nobody can see into your property from the outside.

Home invaders understands the dictates of the law and that they could land in jail if caught, so they like easy targets and homes that contain valuables. They would not take that risk for an ordinary-looking apartment.

Final Thoughts

The actions of some homeowners is commendable because lots of them have invested heavily in home security systems to prevent possible invasion.

However, thinking about home invasions can be scary. The good news is that it is far better and safer to take preventive measures than to be caught unprepared and unguarded. Contact Colorado Springs Locksmith for a thorough security assessment of your residence and recommendations on how you can protect your home from invaders.

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