Is High Security Locks Really Safer?

November 03 / 2020

Is High Security Locks Really Safer?

If you ask any homeowner about what they want in a lock, you’re more likely get an answer indicating they cherish locks that’ll make them feel safe and secure living in their homes. In other words, they are looking for high-security locks.
For most people, it’s easy to consider a lock as a very secure option just because of its popularity. But they failed to understand that a lock being used by many doesn’t indicate the lock is a highly secured option. There are many lock options targeted at customers looking for the cheapest solution possible. So, understand that popularity doesn’t always equal security. 
But there are distinct characteristics of highly secured locks that distinguishes them from every other popular lock type on the market. These unique features make them more secure than regular locks. To help you understand whether high security locks worth it, the locksmith experts at Colorado Springs Locksmith go over some security features of high security locks in this blog.

Drill Resistance

High security door locks have modifications in them that makes them resistant to picking, bumping, and drilling. Burglars, for example, could drill a lock to gain quick and easy entry without having to put much of a fight with the lock. Modern secured locks, however, have drill protection elements such as hardened steel ball-bearings and anti-drill plates that prevent a drill from going through and compromising the cylinder of the lock.

Special Build

Modern secured locks cannot be compromised in a reasonable amount of time. This is so because of their strong build. The hardware of these locks is designed using much stronger materials, allowing them to withstand a hard impact. Often, these door locks could be heavier because of the nature of the metal used in their construction.

Key Copying Control

At times, you may have to temporarily let someone access your home by giving them a key to your entry lock. In a situation like this, you can’t really tell if that person would make a copy of your key before returning it. For high security door locks, duplicating their keys may require a specific key cutter that only authorized locksmiths have. And to prevent unauthorized key duplication, you may need to present a special card sold with the lock before getting a spare or duplicate from a locksmith.

Are Electronic and Smart Locks Truly of High Security?

Keyless entry function provided by Bluetooth, passcodes, and biometric locks makes them secure to a certain degree. At least, being able to enter your abode sans key eliminates security compromises that spring forth from losing a physical metal key.
However, electronic and smart locks especially those that have keyed entry, sometimes give a false impression of being more secured than classic mechanical locks. How secured an electronic or smart lock with keyway would be dependent on the strength of the cylinder. While the keyless and smart functions make life easier, the lock is not safe if its cylinder build is weak. So, if you are going to settle for an electronic or a smart lock, ensure the cylinder of the lock is as secure as the hardware.

Final Words

Truly high security door locks worth every penny they cost. You just have to make sure you get the right one for your home. And if you’re looking for expert recommendations, the professional residential locksmiths at Colorado Springs Locksmith are available to help you. To find out more about what we can do for you, contact us today.

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