How Transponder Keys Work?

May 15 / 2020

How Transponder Keys Work?

Most modern drivers use transponder keys every day. Though they have become common place, many people are still completely unaware of how they work, or why they are different than the manual keys. At Colorado Springs Locksmith, we provide quality automotive, residential and commercial locksmith services for local customers. We enjoy helping our clients discover more information about their locks and keys, and we want to do the same for you. Have you often wondered what makes transponder keys work? Read more to learn more about these modern marvels, and what to do if you lose or damage your transponder key. 

What is a Transponder Key and How Does It Work?
First used in the late 1980s and early 1990s, transponder keys differ greatly from their conventional counterparts. Inside of these advanced devices is a microchip, which electronically transmits signals to a receiver that is located inside your car, truck or SUV. The keys are programmed specifically for a single vehicle. In most cases, an induction coil is mounted around the ignition lock, which creates an electromagnetic field when the correct key is used. The key then emits a code to the ECU, which allows the ignition to start the engine. The vehicle will not start with any other key. 

Benefits of Using Transponder Keys
There are many incredible benefits to using transponder keys for cars. They provide additional defense against car theft because the car won’t start without the appropriate key. This makes it extremely difficult for most criminals to steal your vehicle and is part of the reason why classic cars without transponder keys are often a prized target. 

Dealing with Damaged or Lost Transponder Keys 
While the use of transponders makes car theft challenging, it can also make it impossible to start your car if you lose or damage the keys. In past decades, losing a transponder key could be a costly and time consuming ordeal. Many drivers were forced to find a ride to the local dealership and had to wait hours or even days before they could get back behind the wheel. Thankfully, times have changed. A mobile locksmith like those at Colorado Springs Locksmith have the specialized tools and equipment needed to create and program a new set of transponder keys quickly and affordably, so you can get back to your daily schedule without stress or worry.

Do You Need Help with Your Car Keys? Call Colorado Springs Locksmith Today 
Have your car keys stopped working? Did you lose your keys while on a weekend trip? There’s no need to panic. Call the experts at Colorado Springs Locksmith. Our experienced mobile locksmiths offer 24 hour emergency services for local customers, so you can get safely back on the road in no time. Contact our office for more information about our wide range of commercial, residential and automotive services or to schedule an appointment with a reliable professional in Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Falcon, Black Forest, CO or a nearby metro area city. 

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