How to Secure Your Backyard Shed

November 27 / 2022

How to Secure Your Backyard Shed

For most homeowners, a separate backyard storage shed makes the residential space more comfortable. A backyard storage space can store gardening tools, lawn equipment, and planting supplies instead of using the basement or garage.

They are designed to help make garages and basements look more organized and give enough room to park cars and store personal effects. Backyard storages are a great addition to farmhouses, where you can store different types of equipment. Sometimes, the backyard shed can be repurposed as a children's playhouse, art studio, or office.

Why Do Backyard Sheds Need Security?

While the purpose of a backyard shed varies for different families, they share a common feature – containing valuable items. Thus, security must be provided to keep the items safe. Burglars often target backyard sheds to steal the equipment or items kept inside. And since the equipment is expensive and easy to sell, the illegal activity is attractive to many thieves.

Also, the fact that sheds are usually situated in the backyard, away from the main building, means that burglars can easily commit their crimes without notice. But this situation can be avoided with a good security system in place.

Many homeowners pay little attention to the security of their storage sheds. Instead, they are more focused on securing the main building. This allows thieves to cart away the items in storage sheds.

How To Improve Backyard Shed Security

Use High-Security Door Hinges and Locks

Using sophisticated door hinges and locks will make it difficult for a burglar to kick open the shed door. For those with a wooden shed, installing a deadbolt in the doorway boosts the shed's security. If yours is a metallic or plastic shed, then using hasps and padlocks will work better. The padlocks should be equipped with shackles that are too thick to cut away easily.

Also, use key locks that are not easy to pick or combination locks that are not easy to guess. The choice of locks depends on the type of doors and the quality of security you want. To know the most suitable one to use, consult with a local locksmith.

Equip The Shed With An Alarm

Homeowners with an existing alarm-type security system can always extend it to include the storage shed. This works best for those whose home security system is wireless.

However, if you don't have a home security system, you can make do with a motion-detector alarm. Installing the alarm will ensure that you and your neighbors are alerted if someone tries to break in. And in most cases the sound will scare the thief away. Such type of alarm can be installed with the help of Colorado Springs Locksmith.

Keep The Windows Covered

The backyard shed is not a sales store but a storage space, so it should be treated as such. The shed's windows should be covered, preventing outsiders from seeing what you have stored inside the structure. The harder it is for people to know the type of equipment in the shed, the better for the shed's security. The inside view of the storage can be blocked by using a frosted material or installing shutters.

Install Motion-Detector Floodlights

Thieves often commit their crimes at night as they rely on darkness to perpetrate such acts. You can take away this advantage from possible intruders by installing floodlights. The motion-detector lights alert you if anyone makes their way toward the shed. The lights should be installed around the perimeter of the home.

Ensure a Clear-View Between The House and Shed

While it looks aesthetically appealing to keep the storage shed behind hedges and bushes, it increases the security risk of the shed. The shed should be visible from the house so that it gives no room for anyone to lurk around the structure undetected.

Contact Colorado Springs Locksmith to improve the security of your backyard shed and the entire building.

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