How to Remove a Broken Key from an Ignition Lock?

December 30 / 2021

Car keys get broken for several reasons, from being worn out to forceful turning and metal fatigue. One thing is certain, a broken key in an ignition lock is easily one of the most frustrating things that you can experience. Chances are, you may be stranded if your key breaks in the ignition. Most times, you may require the services of a qualified locksmith to remove the broken key.

However, this article highlights a few tips to help you remove your broken key from an ignition lock using household tools.

Household Tools Required

  • Glue Gun Stick
  • Pliers or Tweezers
  • Hacksaw Blade

Glue Gun Stick

The glue gun stick is one of the most popular methods for removing broken keys from an ignition or door lock. It involves softening the tip of a glue gun stick and pressing it into the ignition key-hole. The hot glue gun cools in the lock and attaches itself to the broken key. It will be easier to remove.

Hacksaw Blade

You need a hacksaw blade or a thin piece of metal that can fit into the ignition lock alongside the broken key. The hacksaw blade comes in handy when the key breaks too deep in the ignition that it cannot be reached using a plier or tweezer. If the hacksaw blade does not fit in the ignition lock, shape it with the help of a needle nose plier.

Insert the hacksaw blade into the lock, so the serrated edge of the hacksaw blade is next to the broken key in the ignition. With the help of the hacksaw blade, turn the ignition, so the blade is no longer locked into place. Once done, gently wiggle and pull out the hacksaw blade. The broken key should latch onto the blade by its groove.

Pliers or Tweezers

Tweezers and pliers are the most ineffective of all the household methods. It is easiest to remove a broken key from a lock with tweezers if part of the key protrudes from the keyhole. You will likely push the key deeper into the ignition lock if you are using tweezers when the broken key does not extend from the lock.

Tips to Make the Process Faster

You can use the hacksaw blade alongside tweezers or pliers. Since tweezers work best when a part of the broken key can be seen outside the ignition lock. The hacksaw blade can be employed to bring the broken key closer to a point where the tweezers can reach.

Once you realize that you have a broken key in your ignition, do not attempt to remove it with your hands or with the remaining part of the key. This would only push the broken key further into the ignition, making it difficult to retrieve without the help of a locksmith.


While these tips may help you remove a broken key from an ignition lock, sometimes you need an experienced locksmith to help provide ignition replacement. At Colorado Springs Locksmith, we pride ourselves in delivering excellent locksmith services to help with all ignition lock and key-related issues. Contact us today.

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