How to Protect Against Skeleton Key Access 

July 20 / 2022

How to Protect Against Skeleton Key Access 

In case you are thinking of more ways to protect your business and residential home from unauthorized access. Then, install locks with high resistance against skeleton keys. A skeleton key can open most traditional locks, which means an authorized person with this key stands a chance of breaching your building’s security and carrying out criminal activities. That is why you must know how to protect your building from skeleton keys. 

Fortunately, we’ve listed ways to protect your building against skeleton key access. Read on to find out more. 

What is a Skeleton Key?

Before going any further, we want you to understand the concept of skeleton keys and how it works. It is also known as a passkey or 999 key. This is a type of master key that has notched sides with the ability to open numerous locks, pin, and tumbler locks inclusive. Skeleton keys got their name from being stripped of their essential structure. 

How does a Skeleton Key work?

A skeleton key works by taking advantage of the pin and tumbler mechanism. In a standard lock, there are stacks of two different pins known as the driver pins and the key pins. Each stack has a driver pin and a key pin supported by springs. For someone to unlock the lock, the right key has to be inserted, which moves stacks of pins to align at what is called the shear line.

In the case of a skeleton key, it disrupts the lock's mechanism. When a skeleton key is inserted and forced, the energy generated pushes against the pins and temporarily moves them, giving the user enough time to turn and unlock the door. 

How to Protect Your Buildings Against Skeleton Keys

You can never tell who has a skeleton key; it may be the former occupant of your building, an ex-employee, or a random guy who orders a skeleton key online. Either way, here are tips to protect your building against skeleton keys.

Install a Keyless Lock

Skeleton keys only work on traditional locks, and once there is no manual lock in place, it ceases to be effective. One of the best ways to prevent skeleton keys is to install a mechanical or smart keyless lock in your building. 

The keypad lock requires the correct code before it unlocks the door. Unfortunately, this means someone who doesn’t have the right code cannot access your building. And even if they try, the keypad locks cease to work over a short period when an incorrect code has been inputted severely. 

Also, the keypad lock will improve your overall security because you wouldn’t have to worry about your keys falling into the wrong hands or non-staff accessing certain parts of your building. In addition, when an ex-employee leaves, you can change the codes to prevent them from having access. 

Smart locks, on the other hand, don’t require a keypad. Instead, some use key cards or fobs and biometric features such as fingerprint, facial recognition, etc., to grant access. Also, you can customize access to specific people without sharing out codes. 

Contact a Professional Locksmith

For better ways to protect your building from skeleton keys, you should contact a professional locksmith that will take a look at the situation and give you professional advice. 

Here at Colorado Springs Locksmith, we provide maximum security and premium services to our customers. 

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