How to Open Frozen Car Door Locks

November 30 / 2022

How to Open Frozen Car Door Locks

While we may enjoy cozying around the warm fireplace with oversize sweaters and warm chocolate, our cars are not always performing at their best in winter. The cold season can lead to various problems ranging from frozen engines, and frozen car door locks. This could be the case when you do not have a warm garage to park your car.

When your car door is frozen, it will take additional time to be unlocked - depending on the weather. As a result, all your activities, official engagements, and planned movements might be suspended. Therefore, every car owner must know about unlocking car doors during freezing periods. In addition, prevention is always a better approach, so you will learn how to avoid such incidents from occurring.

How To Prevent Your Door Locks From Freezing

Oil Application

The first thing you can do is apply oil on the areas you want to prevent from freezing. The oil will form a barrier and prevent water from accumulating and freezing in specific areas.

Place a Magnet Over Your Keyhole

If your concern is your door lock mechanism freezing, then look for a magnet big enough to cover your keyhole and place it over it. The magnet will prevent cold moisture from entering your lock and allow you to unlock your door whenever possible.

Apply WD-40

WD-40 is an anti-rust and water displacer spray that keeps your car mechanics from corrosion and freezing. The best time to apply this spray is before winter. It will keep your lock from freezing and prevent any form of corrosion.

How to Unfreeze Your Door Lock

Here are some DIY methods if the deal has been done, and you can’t get into your car because of frozen door locks.

Use De-icing Spray

An effective method for unfreezing your door lock is spraying a de-icer over the frozen area. The spray will melt down the ice in no time. Fortunately, you can get a De-icer in any auto shop. However, you have to get this before winter to avoid being stranded.

Use Sanitizer

Another popular method is using hand sanitizer on your key before inserting it in the lock. Hand sanitizer contains high content of alcohol which is effective in lowering the melting point of water. Put the gel on both sides of your key and turn it a few times.

Use Heat

We all know that heat dissolves ice faster; therefore, you can use any heat source to heat your key before insertion, such as a hand dryer. Alternatively, if your keyhole is frozen, you can use any heat source to melt the ice.

Apply Pressure

Sometimes, what you need to open your door is a bit of pressure. Now, we are not saying you should force your door open; but to open it gently if it is already unlocked. If your door isn’t bulging, it is best to leave it and call an auto locksmith.

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