How to Open a Locked Door Without a Key

January 12 / 2023

How to Open a Locked Door Without a Key

Losing your keys means you will be locked out of your house or vehicle for some time, at least until the door is unlocked. Although being locked out is an unpalatable experience, you shouldn't dwell on the situation. Instead, it would help if you looked for a way out. The preferable solution in this scenario is to hire Colorado Springs Locksmith to perform lockout service on the door. This will save you from the stress of unlocking the door yourself.

But if you don't feel like hiring a nearby locksmith right away, you can unlock the door through some DIY techniques. However, you should only try these alternatives if:

  • You are the owner of the property (car or house).
  • You have obtained permission to alter the door.
  • There is an emergency, and you must gain entry to save a child or pet.

Here are the DIY ideas that you can use to unlock a door without a key:

Use a Credit Card or Butter Knife Trick

This is an old-fashioned trick that only works with doors that have spring locks - the ones with a curved bolt. Credit cards or butter knives won't work with a deadbolt because they go deeper into the wall, unlike spring locks. Once you notice that you have been locked out, check your wallet for old credit cards or gift cards. You don't want to break your new credit card or gift card while unlocking the door.

Spring locks are often added as a backup for a deadbolt for doors with multiple locks. If you notice that the deadbolt isn't locked and only the spring is used, push the card into the strike plate while moving the door handle a bit simultaneously.

If you cannot lay your hands on an old credit card, try to use a pocket knife. You might have to borrow from someone nearby. With some slight jostling of the door and its knob, you can get the improvised wedge into the right spot and unlock it.

Take off The Door Knob

You need some tools to do this. A folding knife with different tools inside is equally a good idea. If you cannot get this, a flathead or Phillips screwdriver might still do the trick. More importantly, the tool depends on what is holding the lock in place on the door.

Despite being a suitable means of unlocking a door without a key, this method is limited. It might not work for some locks. Many of the locks in the market currently are designed with features that make it tedious for anybody to dismantle from the outside. Some locks don't even have visible screws.

If you cannot see the screws of the lock, try dismantling it with a flathead until the screws inside become visible. Another technique is to turn the mounting belts with a small wrench if the screws cannot be reached. By doing this, you will slowly loosen up the screw until the end on the opposite side of the door gives way. In the end, this will expose the hole in the door and allow you to open it and gain entry.

You can see that this technique can be a bit difficult. Unlocking a door with this method takes time and effort. However, you can always avoid this stress by hiring a locksmith. Working with Colorado Springs Locksmith ensures you receive a timely and quality lockout service.

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