How to Open a Lock Box Without a Key

February 16 / 2022

How to Open a Lock Box Without a Key

A lockbox is designed to protect valuables and important documents from fire and unauthorized access. Lockboxes are designed differently, with some having the conventional padlock and keys; others are modern and contain combination locks. Lockboxes with padlocks are less secure, as the keys can be lost or stolen. However, with combination locks, you can forget the code combination. Whatever the case, losing your keys or forgetting your code combination will lead to a lockout, leaving you without access to your valuables.

This article considers several methods you can employ to open a lockbox without a key.

The Bypassing Method

Bypassing is an excellent method for opening a lockbox without a key. It involves manipulating its actuator through the keyhole. To do this, insert a thin tool that is longer than your key into the keyway up until it reaches the rear of the lock. At this point, you can turn the tool to latch unto the mechanism and unlock the box.

However, you can do a factory reset on combination lockboxes as they come with standard reset codes or pre-drilled holes at the back where you can insert a tool to effect a reset.


Shimming is employed for lockboxes that use padlocks. Lockboxes with padlocks are easy to open via shimming as it involves slipping two thin metal pieces between the shackle and body of the lock. Once done, force can be applied to release the latches and open the lock.

The metal pieces, also known as a shim, can be made from an aluminum with scissors. The aluminum can is shaped into an arrow and inserted into the aperture of the lock. While shimming is used mainly for padlocks, combination locks are also vulnerable.


Picking is perhaps the easiest and most popular way to open a lockbox without a key. Picking a lockbox involves the manipulation of its internal mechanisms. You can use a tension wrench and a paper clip to pick a lockbox. At other times you can employ a pick tool. Picking, however, is usually done by a professional locksmith or burglar, and it can be challenging for a novice.


Decoding is a method that requires no tool, and it applies to only wheel combination locks. It involves employing different techniques to figure out the correct combination codes to open the lockbox. The codes are guessed at random in decoding, following a definite pattern. To decode a lock, expertise is not required. One simply has to be patient and pay attention to the grip of the lock as the code is turned. As the correct code is turned, the grip on the lock begins to loosen with each correct code gotten.

Hire a Locksmith

Hiring a locksmith is the safest, fastest, and most guaranteed way to open a lockbox without key. Locksmiths are experienced professionals and can help with all lockout issues, including a lockbox. Hence, if you are locked out of your lockbox, because of a misplaced key, it is advisable to call a local locksmith to help out. If you need a competent "locksmith near me," Colorado Springs Locksmith is a phone call away and is available for all your lock needs.

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