How to Evaluate a Safe

February 04 / 2021

How to Evaluate a Safe

Sometimes, purchasing a safe to secure your valuables at home or place of work could be a challenge because of the questionable marketing promises by manufacturers. You may get disappointed even after buying the most expensive safe on the internet.
However, do not worry, the expert locksmiths at Colorado Springs Locksmith developed this article to help both new and experienced buyers go home with an ideal safe that will suit their specific needs.
Read on for some important tips that will help you focus on getting the right fit.

Consider the Size and What Could Be the Content of the Safe

Initially, most people think about using the safe for storing only cash and few valuables. But with time, there will be a need to add other valuables like the savings books, car documentation, birth certificates, marriage license, immunization records of your kids, passports, jewelry, watches, and much more.
Another factor that could make you consider the size of the safe is the growth of your family. There is a possibility that over time, new additions to your family or expansion of your business could lead to a need of purchasing another safe. Therefore, before buying a home or business safe, choose a model that isn’t too small by figuring out the immediate and future content of the safe.

The Lock Type

Most safes in the market are designed with three types of locks – the keyed, dial, or digital locking system.
Standard or old fashioned safes are fitted with the normal lock and keys. If you purchase and install this type of safe in your home or office, you won’t need to remember codes, and opening the safe is not a complex process. You can equally get a double-bit security lock with two keys as standard.

However, chances are that you may lose the key or it may get to the hands of an unauthorized person. You need to be very careful handling the keys. In case you lost the key or you think it's been compromised, get in touch with the experts at Colorado Springs Locksmith, to help you open the safe and to rekey the lock.
The second type of locking system is the dial or number combination. Usually, it is opened with codes of 4–8 digits. You can change the codes at will, but the problem is that you must be very careful not to forget the codes.

The other types are safes designed with electronic number combination locks (ELOs). They are integrated with keypads for easy access.
Advanced safes come with a biometric fingerprint locking system. To open such safes, you only have to place a finger over an integrated finger scanner. Another advantage of having such a safe is that you don’t have to think about complex codes or worry about a bunch of keys.               
Really, there’s more to a safe than you originally thought – but we can assist if you find it difficult to make a choice.

Fire Resistance

Every consumer out there needs a safe that can withstand the fury of a raging fire. However, you need to understand that safes are classified according to their fire endurance or resistance ability. The range varies from 30 minutes fire resistance (1550 degrees Fahrenheit fire), three to four-hour resistance (2000 degrees Fahrenheit), and more.


You need to set a price point when looking into buying a home safe. This will help you not to get confused when you arrive at the store.
However, other features to consider before making a decision are: warranty type and length, color, water resistance or buoyancy, and insurance cover
Whether your requirements for buying a safe is statutory or complex, it is important to consider the quality of the safe.
Let experts from Colorado Springs Locksmith with inexperienced eyes help you to assess the right quality of a safe that will fit your need. Give us a call for a free consultation.


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