How to Avoid Locksmith Scams

January 26 / 2022

How to Avoid Locksmith Scams

Like any other business, the locksmith industry is home to legitimate businesses and scam artists. These scam artists quote outrageous prices and, most times, provide poor services. Many people have fallen victim to these scam artists, especially when it involves an emergency or a quick fix. While locksmith scams are increasingly common today, you do not have to experience one. This is why we have provided valuable tips to help you avoid locksmith scams and spot credible locksmith services.

How Locksmith Scams Work

A locksmith scam usually begins with an advertisement for a fictional business online, in newspapers, and in directories. The ads are usually real and promising, and some include pictures and reviews of satisfied clients. Unfortunately, these scam adverts rank high in the search engine result pages and, most times, have an attractive web interface. All of these techniques are designed to lure you into a scam.

When such spurious ads pops up on the feed if a potential client, he tries to contact the company. Usually, the call is forwarded to a customer care representative who entices the client by offering a low price that it's hard to refuse. Once an agreement is made, a subcontractor is assigned to visit you at your location.

On arrival, the locksmith examines your lock and claim it needs extensive repairs, installation, or drilling. The locksmith will exaggerate the situation and quote a higher price than previously agreed. However, because it’s an emergency and you need it sorted out immediately for security reasons, you have no choice but to give in to his demands. Such manipulations will make you to spend much money than intended.

Tips to Spot Locksmith Scams

  • Ask For Recommendations

Having the contact details of a locksmith can come in handy, especially during emergency lockouts. However, if you do not have the number of a reliable locksmith, it is important to have the number of someone that can recommend one. So before searching online for "locksmith near me," call a family, friend, or colleague and ask for a recommendation.

  • Read Their Reviews

Online reviews are the easiest way to determine if a company is reputable. A locksmith with dozens of one-star reviews or unsatisfied customers is not one you should choose.

  • Call Before an Emergency

The best chance of avoiding scam locksmiths is to call them before you ever have a locksmith need. During an emergency, you are likely unsettled and cannot ask the right questions to verify their credibility, so you are vulnerable to manipulation. Hence, it is a good idea to find a credible locksmith before you ever need one.

  • Cash Payment

Scam locksmiths will most times insist on being paid in cash. Sometimes they insist on being paid with a debit card rather than a credit card, as this can be easily traced or reverted. However, you can insist on paying with your credit cards as most reputable locksmith businesses will not have a problem with that.

  • Check the Locksmiths’ Vehicle

Ensure your locksmith does not arrive in an unmarked vehicle. Many scam locksmiths claim to be from companies they are not affiliated with. Most reputable locksmith companies provide uniforms, nametags, and tools to their technicians, as well as company vehicles. The vehicles will feature the company's logo, name, and address. Also, technicians in a marked vehicle are more likely to deliver better service since they can be held accountable. However, take note of locksmiths who drive marked cars with a different name than the company you contacted.


Locksmith scams are a major problem today, and these tips will help you be better aware of their manipulations and protect yourself from being cheated. Colorado Springs Locksmith is a reliable, expert locksmith company that provides legitimate locksmith services. Our team of licensed professionals is available round the clock to tend to your locksmithing needs. Contact us today.

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