How to Affordably Burglar-Proof Your Home

November 16 / 2022

How to Affordably Burglar-Proof Your Home

According to available statistics, millions of burglaries happen yearly. So it is no surprise that many homeowners desire a burglary-proof home for peace of mind and safety. Unfortunately, not all homeowners can afford advanced security systems because of the expensive installations and components.

However, there are affordable options that will give you peace of mind, make your home burglar-proof and protect your valuables. Let’s check them out.

Invest In Deadbolt Locks

Statistics also reveal that 34% of burglaries are carried out through the front door and Burglaries in the US occur once every 30 seconds! That means – if you fail to be proactive about the security system of your home or office, you may be the next victim. The fact is that burglars have specialized skills in picking locks and won’t hesitate to use that to their advantage. A weak, outdated, low-quality lock will make your home vulnerable to burglary and cost you damage.

However, discarding your traditional locks and investing in a deadbolt lock will ensure that your front and back doors are adequately protected from forceful entry and picking. A deadbolt lock has a strong mechanism that is almost impossible to pick. Besides, only a burglar not scared of getting caught will spend hours picking a deadbolt lock.

Get an Alarm System

While an alarm system will not actively protect a burglar from entering your home, it is very effective in deterring them from continuing their mission. Once the alarm goes off, it will notify you and the local authorities that someone is trying to enter your home. Also, the noise from your alarm system is enough to scare the living day out of any burglar and put them on the run.

Always Lock Your Doors

Home invasion crimes are on the increase! Imagine that 30% of burglary happens through an unlocked door or window, showing homeowners' negligence to their doors. It is one thing to install quality locks on your doors; it is another thing to use them properly. To ensure your house remains burglar-proof, lock your doors inside and outside your home. Also, pay attention to your window locks.

Close your Curtains

One thing that attracts burglars into your home is the amount of accessibility you give them. Granting someone access to your home isn’t just about opening your doors but also giving too much view of your house, especially at night. When you don’t need the windows opened, ensure you draw your curtains to avoid prying eyes.

Reinforce Your Doors and Windows

A high percentage of burglary occurs due to forceful entry. Go for the best materials for the front and back doors. Invest in a steel door. They are less vulnerable to decay and weather conditions. If you are using a glass door, add an extra layer of security like an iron bars door. For windows, reinforce your windows to make breaking in more difficult.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean

Another attractive sight for a burglar is an unkempt home. It shows that no one is around and breaking in will be easy. For example, an overgrown lawn or garden is a great hiding spot for burglars and a clear invitation for burglary. Periodically maintain your surroundings to show that there is someone around.

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