How Much Is It to Get a New Key From a Locksmith?

August 03 / 2022

How Much Is It to Get a New Key From a Locksmith?

Are you thinking about contacting a locksmith for a key replacement service for your lost vehicle, home, or office key? If so, one of your greatest concerns will be figuring out how much it would cost to get a new key from Colorado Springs Locksmith. The cost of having your keys replaced varies from one locksmith to another. It also depends on a host of different factors such as requesting an emergency service and so on.

In this post, we will take a quick look at the average rate of key replacement services.

Cost of Home Keys

Traditional home key replacements are quite affordable, especially when you do not require additional services. However, unique situations such as burglaries would require you to replace your home locks and keys. Changing your locks and keys will cost more than just replacing a broken key. Here’s an average breakdown of how much it would cost you to replace your residential locks and keys with new ones:

  • Basic lock installation and repair: $85 per hour
  • Installing new locks on sliding doors: $45
  • High security lock installation: $85 - $225
  • Installing keyless deadbolts: $45
  • Entry gate lock installation: $125 - $465
  • Installing Decorative handle sets: $145 - $465
  • Pick resistant lock installation: $65 - $125
  • Installing bar and gate locks: $65 - $125
  • Screen door lock installation: $45 - $125

As we stated above, this is an average cost. Locksmith in Fort Carson, CO have the right to offer the service at their preferred rates. We recommend you change your locks and keys after losing your keys or experiencing a break-in.

Cost of Automotive Keys

Technology has evolved over the years and we can see the effects of this evolution in the type of car keys available today. Newer can models have more sophisticated keys that are built for convenience and enhanced security. As a result, the cost of changing your car key will depend on the technology and security it offers. Replacing modern car keys will cost more than replacing traditional car keys. Here’s an average breakdown of how much a car key replacement will cost you:

  • Remote Keys: $125 - $285
  • Laser cut keys: $95 - $165
  • Fobik or Proximity keys: $225 - $425
  • Transponders: $90 - $120

Duplicating or replacing high-security keys will cost more than replacing traditional keys.

Cost of Commercial Keys

Replacing commercial keys is typically affordable. However, the cost of replacing sophisticated keys will be more than the traditional keys. Below is an average breakdown of how much a commercial key replacement will cost you:

  • Mortise systems replacement: $85 per hour
  • Replacing master key systems: starts from $35 per cylinder
  • Installing new locks: $85 per hour
  • Door closer replacement: $85 per hour
  • Replacing I\C cores: $85 - $125

We recommend that you replace your commercial locks after every few years for security purposes.

Final Thoughts

You will need to contact the locksmith to know the cost of replacing your keys. Colorado Springs Locksmith offers reliable key replacement services among other locksmith services. Contact us for quick and reliable services from our team of well-trained locksmiths.

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