How Door Closers Benefit Your Business

May 06 / 2021

How Door Closers Benefit Your Business

Door closes are meant to enhance the safety of any business. That is why investing in quality door closers at all points of entry, is an efficient way to enhance your business operations. Also depending on your state and county, there are regulations to ensure that door closers are installed on all fire doors. Additionally, emergency lighting has to be provided for all doors used for fire egress. Here are some of the benefits to enjoy when you have the right door closers for your business.

Enhanced Security

Every commercial facility manager understands that the business doors and other entry points must be carefully supervised to ensure that everyone inside is safe. Customers and tourists often overlook the importance of closing doors behind them. It makes no difference if these doors have complicated locks or not. The use of door closers ensures that each door is firmly closed behind each guest and employee.

Another advantage of door closers is that they can be fitted in all types of doors including electromagnetic or automatic doors and our traditional doors.

Noise Control

Open floor plans have become more common in offices. While this helps to maximize a room's square footage, the lack of walls means that a single slammed door will cause the entire office to be disrupted. During client calls or internal meetings, loud noises can be particularly disruptive. Door closers have mechanisms that keep people from slamming doors or burst into a room with a loud bang.
Fire Safety

Perhaps more useful is the increased fire safety that door closers provide. As you must have heard from some users of door closers, who have once been a victim of a fire outbreak, closed doors assist in delaying the transfer of heat from one side to the other. This principle applies to both central heating and actual fire. If there are no barriers in the way, flames can spread quickly through a house. However, door closers ensure that those barriers remain in place.
Increased Energy Efficiency

Closed exterior doors aid the HVAC system in maintaining a room's or building's temperature. Door closers eliminate the need for staff to lock doors behind them. This lowers the amount of energy used by the system and reducing utility costs.

Not only do door closers improve energy efficiency by preventing air infiltration through the building, but it also helps to minimize access to intruders. If there are no security personnel intruders can easily have access to your office if the doors aren't closed. Such lapses could result in the loss of Valuable items
Need Door Closers Installed in your Entryways?

We have a large range of door closers at Colorado Springs Locksmith, and our team of experienced technicians will help with the installation. We've been providing high-quality services to companies for years. 

As a result, if you're interested in learning more about door closers or purchasing quality door closers for your business, please fill out our online form or contact Colorado Springs Locksmith's friendly and knowledgeable customer service team. We are looking forward to providing you the right door closers at affordable rates.

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