How Do Key Fob Work?

July 25 / 2020

How Do Key Fob Work?

Have you ever wondered how your fob remote works? The answer lies in the inner workings of the fob itself. Before considering how the system works, let’s briefly discuss all about key fobs. 
A Key fob is a miniaturized and computerized hardware that is programmed to your vehicle for remote controls. The device provides the basic functions provided by a traditional mechanical key but does even more.

You can use a fob to start the ignition of your vehicle, lock or unlock the door, open the trunk, arm and disarm the vehicle security system, open the sunroof, control your door windows, etc. 
But fobs aren’t restricted to automobiles. They are also used in residential and commercial settings. You can use them to grant access to the main entrance of an apartment, garage door, community pool, and storage facilities. But how exactly are fobs tasked with all these functions? Let’s find out.

How Automobile Key Fobs Work

We aren’t going to border you with the technical operations of fob key rather make things easy to grasp. When you push a button on your fob key, it transmits a signal through radio waves to a receiver unit in the car to perform the action you requested such as unlocking the door, locking the door, or opening the rear hatch. 
If the signal sent from the fob transmitter matches that stored in the car’s computer system, the requested action will be executed. This explains why a fob must first be programmed to a vehicle and why a fob programmed to another vehicle won’t work with yours. For this keyless function to work, you also have to be within a certain range with your car.

Entry Door Fobs

For access to a condo lobby, a workplace, or shared spaces, fobs are also used. The setup often requires a fob key, a reader, and the door’s locking mechanism. As you pass your fob key through the reader, both communicate and the reader sends the signal received from the fob to the door’s lock mechanism. If the signal is valid, the door will open. But nothing will happen if the sent signal is unmatched. However, certain sophisticated technology might require a connection to a central server for more keyless functions.

Need to Program a Fob Key? Connect with Professionals

As mentioned before, a particular key fob must be programmed to your keyless entry door or car’s computer system before it can be used. Pairing a fob remote to your automobile may require just a couple of programming sequences, while some modern fob remote programming are done using special equipment. Locksmith skills and tools are also needed to successfully program blank residential or commercial fobs to door locks. 

Due to the complexity of these procedures, it’s best to let the pros handle the job. At Colorado Springs Locksmith, we can program your auto remote key fast and effectively. Contact us today to find out how our specialist auto, residential, or commercial locksmith for key fob programming or to fix issues with your fob remote. 

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