Home Security Tips for Summer

July 12 / 2022

Home Security Tips for Summer

Everyone looks forward to summer. We all have things planned for this holiday season. Whether it is taking long trips with friends and family, or flying solo to your dream holiday location, there are always a lot of fun things you can enjoy in summer. As you create your bucket list for the summer, do not forget to prioritize the security and safety of your home when you are away.

Most criminals wait for the seasons when people have their guards down before they strike and the summer holidays are one of them. Work with a professional locksmith to ensure that your home locks are in good shape. If any of your locks is weak or broken, contact Colorado Springs Locksmith for lock installation services.

How to Protect Your Home from Intruders

There are a few things you can do to ensure the safety and security of your home before you embark on your summer trips. Here are a few of them:

Install Quality Home Monitoring Systems

Thanks to technology evolution, homeowners can take advantage of advanced technologies to enhance the security and safety of their homes. Home monitoring systems could help to provide additional layers of security to your home while you are away. The complete home security system often includes motion detectors, CCTVs, alarm systems, and so on.

Some alarm systems can be set up to notify the police whenever a security breach occurs. Hence, increasing the chances of the criminals being caught. The surveillance units will also allow you to monitor your home by providing real-time footage of its surroundings directly on your phone.

Get a House Sitter

If you plan to be away from your home for long, you should look for a house sitter to fill in while you are away. The house sitter should be someone you trust with your home as he will be on your property until you return from your trip. A house sitter will also help to take care of your pet and water your plants while you are away.

Furthermore, the house sitter will help to move your mail and packages into your home. Hence, removing anything that would make criminals think your home is unprotected and easy to burgle.

Hire a Locksmith

Nothing will give you peace of mind like the assurance that the locks in your home are secure. If you’ve never changed your locks or rekeyed them since you moved into your home, chances are someone could have a copy of your home key. Contact a dependable locksmith for either lock installation or rekeying services.

A locksmith will help to inspect your locks and every other aspect of your home that may need reinforcements.

Final Thoughts

Look beyond the obvious dollar amount when planning for the security of your home. Every investment in your security is worth it! If you need lock installation, repair or rekeying, depend on Colorado Springs Locksmith. We have a team of locksmiths ready to meet your needs. You can contact us for residential assessment and recommendations. We also have the tools, skill sets, and experience needed to ensure that your home is safe and secure while you are away.

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