Home Security Basics to Teach Your Kids

March 22 / 2021

Home Security Basics to Teach Your Kids

The priority of every parent is the well-being of their children. As such, when they grow older, it is your responsibility as a parent to teach them about home security and the right action to take during emergencies. This is an important step because children are adventure seekers and the parent won’t always be available. They can make a mistake that could put them in great danger.
More so, as a parent, you should try and identify the safety hazards and vulnerabilities within the home. Then, make the teaching and learning process an interactive affair with your youngsters.
Below is a go-to plan on how to teach them about home security systems, alarms, and more.

Start the Teaching Series with the Home Security Systems

Whether you have a simple or complex security system in your home, you need to start teaching them the basics – how to lock and unlock the door.
Then go a step further to teach them how the alarms and security cameras work.  
The password to your security system shouldn’t be kept as a secret, your kids need to know. However, you should give strict instructions for them to never disclose the passwords to their friends.

The Importance of Locking Doors and Windows

Also, let your children know the importance of locking doors and windows whenever they are at home and when leaving the house. Most burglaries were done because the homeowner and or the children fail to lock the door. Doing this will reduce the vulnerability of your home to property crimes and also ensure the safety of your kids.

Fire Drills or Emergency Preparation

In addition to what they learned in school about fire safety, you need to guild them to practice it at home. The fire drills can start with what they should do if there is a fire alarm.

Have a mini evacuation plan in case there is a real fire incidence and communicate to every member of your household. Also, do not forget to teach them how to prevent fire incidents from occurring.

How to Access Emergency Contacts

First, teach them to remain calm whenever there is an emergency. In the event of a break-in, tell them never to be rude to the criminal but to know that their safety is the priority. Let them know how to call 911 and the right information to provide during such calls.
Additionally, your children MUST memorize your mobile number so they can give you a call whenever they are not sure of something.

Dealing with Strangers

Children can easily be manipulated by strangers when they are home alone. Give them definite instructions never to answer the door for strangers. To avoid risking the safety of your kids, you should install security cameras. This will enable your kids to see who is at the door. Also, instruct them to give you a call if they can’t recognize the person at the door.
Lastly, always remind your kids of the home appliances that are off-limits for their safety.

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