History of BMW Keys?

September 01 / 2020

History of BMW Keys?

Just from what started out as a simple tool to start the vehicle, BMW keys have witnessed an impressive transformation since their inception. If you want to know how your modern looking BMW key became fully formed, then keep on reading to find out some highlights about keys made for BMW cars.
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Now let’s see what BMW keys looked like in the past and what they are now.

The First Set of BMW Keys

Before and during the 1960s and 1970s, BMW keys were just basic silver metals used to open and start the car.  A typical BMW key of that time lacked plastic case around its head as we know it. At some point, BMW introduced a foldable variant of the key, which was compact and easy to store and carry in the pocket.
In the 1980s, BMW started making a mechanical key that had a plastic case around the base and a little hole for a  key ring. Overall, the addition of the plastic base and keyhole made the key looked premium.
Towards the end of the 1980s, keys of many cars started to feature keyless entry systems, with some BMWs featuring separate remotes for locking and unlocking the cars. BMW keys stayed pretty much the same during the 90s, except for models like E36 having little light buttons added to them. The lights help to easily locate and not fumble around the keyway. 

The Combination of Remote and Mechanical Keys

Mechanical keys with remote buttons built right into them started to feature in models like BMW E39 and E46. Later on, BMW brought out cars with a push button system. To start the vehicle, this new system required a plastic fob key inserted into a slot in the dash, while the driver depressed the brake pedal. The push button system later grew into what we know as the Comfort Access System that allowed a driver to start the car, but this time around, without the key having to leave their pocket.

BMW Key Fobs

In 2015, BMW debuted a new ultramodern key fob that featured an LCD screen on its face. In addition to doing the usual stuff like locking and unlocking the doors and trunk, the fob can show whether the windows are locked, control the interior climate control system, and more. What’s fascinating is that the remote fob can also be used to park the BMW 7er without a driver having to be in the car.
Overall, it’s impressive to see BMW evolving its car keys to keep up with industry standards and the demands of our modern society. 

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