Does My Car Lock Have to Come from the Dealership?

May 26 / 2022

Does My Car Lock Have to Come from the Dealership?

When it comes to cars and locks, no one can adequately prepare for a bad day. Just as you heave a sigh of relief after making duplicates of your car keys and giving them to a close relative or friend, you realize your car lock is defective. At other times, the lock is in good condition, but as you approach your car door, you realize your keys are not in your pocket. Alas! Peeking through the window, your key is sitting in the ignition as you forgot to take it out.

If this closely describes your situation, you may want to know if it is best to go to your dealership to have your lock replaced or not? Let’s find out.

What You Need To Know About the Dealership

A dealership is not just there to sell you a car and receive monthly payments. The dealership provides aftersales support, including one that ensures replacing your car lock. However, car dealerships have a reputation for charging high rates for almost everything, including basic services such as oil changes and tire rotation. Unfortunately, the charges for car locks are not any different.

Furthermore, staying away from the dealership offers a lot more benefits than just saving money. Dealerships are experts at cross-selling and upselling, having mastered the art of subtly getting customers to pay for higher versions of a lock when a lower version would have performed the same function.

Therefore, while you might see the dealership as a place to get quality locks, in reality, it poses a lot of disadvantages compared to employing the services of a locksmith. Let’s compare the advantages of hiring a skilled locksmith to replace your locks over a dealership.

Locksmiths Vs. Dealership

Hiring a locksmith to fix or replace your car lock offers better advantages than the dealership. One of such is the locksmith comes to you, compared to the dealership that requires towing the car to their location for a fix. Let’s consider other advantages of locksmiths over the dealership:

Flexible Working Hours

Compared to locksmiths that are available within the hours of 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays, locksmiths are readily available round the clock. At Colorado Springs Locksmith, our auto locksmiths provide emergency services, irrespective of the time of the day, even at night, to help resolve your car lock issues.

Locksmithing Expertise

Dealerships are specialists in various automobile services. However, compared to locksmiths in the matters that pertain to car locks, a locksmith is a certified professional, better trained, and equipped to provide auto locksmith services.

Fast Resolution

Lock replacement from a dealership takes a longer time, as you must first tow your car to wherever the dealership is, where the total replacement cost will be determined and agreed upon; the replacement may sometimes take days or weeks. However, with a locksmith, resolutions are much quicker, and your car lock will be replaced in a few hours.


Replacing your car lock with a dealership costs more compared to with a locksmith. Dealerships often hire subcontractors and pass those costs onto their customers. Locksmiths, on the other hand, are specialists and sometimes independent businesses, likely to charge less than the dealership would.


Replacing your car locks with your dealership is not a bad idea, as long as you can bear the cost and endure the waiting time for it to be fixed. However, if a prompt and cost-effective resolution is what you want, then contact Colorado Springs Locksmith right away.

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