DIY Vs Professional Key Fob Programming

August 17 / 2021

DIY Vs Professional Key Fob Programming

Are you about to get a new fob key for your car? Or did you have a fob key that needs to be paired to your vehicle? Regardless of the situation, you may consider handling the programming procedure yourself, perhaps to save some money. At the same time, you could be wanting to use a service professional to avoid wasting time and programming errors.
To help your decision-making process, the experts at Colorado Springs Locksmith compared both programming options in this article. This is to help you choose what’s best for you. Without further ado, let’s get started.

DIY Key Fob Programming

DIY (or do it yourself) car fob key programming procedure is sometimes doable and encouraged by car manufacturers. Some automakers provide key fob programming instructions in their vehicles' manual guides. Many written and video materials are also out there on the internet to guide car owners on how to program their cars themselves.
With DIY programming, you buy a fob device and program it yourself. This helps you save some money. Even if a service professional helps you buy a fob, you still cut back on programming costs by handling the procedure. Another reason you might want to toe the DIY path is the sense of accomplishment. Remember that getting things done yourself can exude great feelings.

Buying a Fob Key for DIY Procedure

Wondering where to buy a new car key fob? Your options include online marketplaces, department stores, auto part stores, and dealership centers. Online vendors often offer competitive prices, but be careful of fake, incompatible, or even defective products. Auto parts shops, department stores, or dealerships all have better quality control. The choice is yours.

Downsides to “Do it Yourself” Fob Key Programming

For recent car makes and models, you may not be able to program the FOB keys. Programming procedures for older car models and makes are easy to execute. On the contrary, many modern four-wheel investments require proprietary tools and software as well as a trained automotive technician. So, keep that in mind. 

Professional Key Fob Replacement Advantages

You can get professional fob key programming from a dealership center or a locksmith technician. Especially when you let a dealership or a locksmith source for the fob, you’ll have rest of mind that you’re getting a fob device that will work. 

Cost of Professional Key Fob Programming

Dealership programming services are relatively expensive compared to locksmith services and they don’t offer additional value. For example, some locksmiths provide mobile services, meaning they’ll come to your location to deliver the service. 
Many locksmiths have programming devices, needed software, and required experience for fob programming. So, you might be surprised that your local locksmith can exceed your expectations. If you have an urgent need for Fob programming, don’t hesitate to contact Colorado Springs Locksmith today.

DIY Vs Professional Key Fob Programming?

It beckons on you to decide on what key fob programming method to choose. If you have technical experience with the right equipment and written documentation or video instructions, you may give DIY a try. If you can’t get the fob to work after trying, call for professional help.
To avoid product damage, device malfunction, or user programming error in the first place, entrust the entire process of getting a fob key and programming the device to a service expert from Colorado Springs Locksmith. You will be satisfied with our services while saving big on potential damages and gone wrong scenarios.

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