Common Lockout Situations 

October 07 / 2021

Common Lockout Situations 

Stress and the burden to meet our financial obligations are the reasons for the increase in car lockout situations. Most car owners forget to pick their keys from the car seats, passenger compartment, or trunk while leaving for a meeting, an appointment, or hanging out with friends.
There are several other reasons for car lockouts; losing your keys, worn out or malfunctioning locks, and a dead battery in your key fob. However, when you’re locked out, don’t be anxious to get back in. Take a deep breath, relax and think of the most effective action.
Here are some steps that will help you avoid getting locked out of your vehicle.

Have a Special Place to Keep Your Keys

Lost car keys are the cause of most car lockout situations. Drivers love juggling their keys for fun, not knowing that keys are among the easiest things to lose. The keys can be forgotten just about anywhere – at the glossary store, the roof of your car, inside the shelf, or in pockets and clothes worn the previous day.
The solution to frequent key lose is to have a specific place to keep them. You can keep the keys in your briefcase, in a pouch, or attach them to your belt or handbag.

The Spare Key Must Be Available 

The presence of a spare key gives you peace of mind. It also reduces the chances of being in a precarious situation when the main key is lost. A bonus point is that spare keys come in handy when your key is broken due to general wear and tear.
Ensure that the spare key is easily reachable. We recommend you give it to a trusted relative, friend, or neighbor. So, have a spare key made to prevent a car lockout situation. And the good news is that Colorado Springs Locksmith offers key-making services at competitive rates.

Always Replace the Key Fob Battery

Due to frequent use, the batteries in the key fob become weak and the transmitter may lose its range. This may happen suddenly and will be the reason for the lockout. To avoid getting disappointed by the key fob, you would need to buy a new replacement battery. Then try replacing it every four to six months.

Keep Your Locks Lubricated

Low temperatures during adverse weather conditions may freeze your locks. When this happens, parts of the lock could get stuck, and difficult to turn the key. Ensure that the keyway of your lock is always lubricated. It will help the pins and springs move smoothly and your locks will be at their best for as long as possible.

Have a Locksmith Number Saved

Always have the number of a local locksmith handy for emergencies. We recommend you save Colorado Springs Locksmith’s number on a speed dial. That way, we could come to your rescue as fast as possible. 

Final Words

Getting prepared for emergencies while on the road is the smartest thing a car owner could do. In case you are locked out and stranded on the road, do not try using a slim jim to unlock your car. You can cause damages to your car and spend more money in the long run. Call Colorado Springs Locksmith and one of our mobile locksmiths will come to your location.


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