Choosing Locks for Your House

April 22 / 2021

Choosing Locks for Your House

According to research by Neighborhood Scout, there is a high probability you could become a victim of theft if your security system is not fortified. Choosing a lock for your home is the first step to achieving peace of mind. Hence, before investing in new locks, you need to ensure that they meet up-to-date safety standards. Most of the locks you get in a DIY shop will not keep your home safe and secure. Also, you have to consider several factors before the right choice can be made because no lock can serve all purposes.

Here are some factors to consider before choosing a lock for your home

This should be your top priority when choosing locks for your home. You have to consider the level of security required for each and every door type and entry. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grade locks based on the level of protection they offer into three groups: Grades 1, 2, and 3.

Grade 1 security locks are the most secure and durable of all three grades. They are usually suitable for commercial buildings because of their ability to remain intact even after being hit severally.

Grade 2 locks are not as secure as the Grade 1 locks, but they are more durable than main entry locks in residential buildings.

Locks that are grouped as grade 3 are not as durable and robust as the previous grades. They are the best to consider for doors within the house because they are less complex.

The requirement of the parts of your home that needs securing will be ultimately decided by you. We are here to guide and help you every step of the decision-making process.

The Type of Lock
Depending on the type of security system you want, you can go for the standard or the smart lock system. The former does not provide any “extraordinary” features like locking or unlocking your door remotely; they could come in the form of deadbolts or knob locks. Smart locks are sophisticated locks that offer features more advanced than standard locks. You can remotely lock and unlock your doors as well as features like voice controls.

Your Budget 
The right lock for your home doesn’t have to be the most expensive. But one thing you should know is that high-security locks cost more than the average market locks. Also, smart locks and locks with key fobs generally cost more than standard locks. We at Colorado Springs Locksmith are more than willing to help you get around this dilemma.

Aesthetics and Compatibility 
Certain door types match specific locks. If the door and lock system don’t go together, it will definitely stand out and may not look nice. Compatibility also depends on the location of the door; main entry doors are to be fitted with higher security ratings than locks for entrances within the house. You must consider the door and entry type when choosing a lock.

Considering the above points will go a long way to helping you purchase the most suitable lock for your home. Do not let the overwhelming variety of options cloud your judgment, reach out to us today for guidance and advice. Contact us to schedule a local locksmith in your area for any type of residential locksmith services.

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