Childproofing Your Doors and Windows

December 16 / 2022

Children are curious about everything. They want to know how things work and enjoy life to its fullest. However, their innocent curiosity can push them to open the windows or doors, and they could get injured in the process. Therefore, every family with kids or expecting a baby must childproof the doors and windows. Here are some practical ways to do so.


Thousands of child injuries result from opened or weak windows, which parents can prevent if they pay attention to the state of their windows.

The first thing you want to ensure when child-proofing your window is that the window is made of durable quality and does not have any breaks that can hurt the child. Broken or weak windows can be disastrous; therefore, ensure you take a good look of your windows.

Another way of childproofing your windows is investing in window stoppers. You can use different types of stoppers, so let’s take a look.

  • Window Bars: Window bars are usually horizontal bars that can be fixed on your window to prevent any child from slipping out even when the windows are opened. However, some homeowners consider window bars to be unaesthetic, but there are other options.
  • Window Mesh: Instead of a bar, you can invest in a quality window mesh that serves the same purposes but looks more appealing. Most Window Mesh looks almost like a screen and comes in tiny holes that prevent toys and children from falling.
  • Window Stoppers: They work by allowing your window to open to a certain amount that is large enough to allow fresh air and small enough to prevent anyone from slipping. They come in different designs and customizations.

Other ways to childproof your window is to install a smart lock that notifies you when the locks are being tampered with.


You will be surprised at how children can easily open doors. Once they figure out how you the parent does it, they are always excited to open the doors. Therefore, here are some things to put in place.

Security Chains:

Security chains are usually fixed on the door jamb, preventing the door from being easily opened. Even when the kids succeed in opening the door, it can only open to a small extent, preventing them from working out.

Door Knob Cover:

This can be attached to the doorknob and prevent your children from opening the door, but any adult can succeed with extra force. 

Deadbolt Lock:

If you use a door knob, the best thing is to install a deadbolt lock as an extra layer of security. So, even if your children succeed in opening the door knob, there is no way they will figure out how to open the deadbolt lock. For your door lock installation, feel free to contact Colorado Springs Locksmith.

Lever Door Stoppers: Lever doors are the easiest to open for children; they need to grab the handle and drag it down. Fortunately, lever stoppers can be fixed to the door and prevent the children from opening it.

Charley Bars: This childproof device is meant for sliding doors. It fits on the door latch and prevents children from sliding the door open. However, fix this stopper above children’s reach. There are different ways of childproofing your door and windows, but a good quality lock is not to be neglected. Ensure you call Colorado Springs Locksmith for your door lock installation and lock services.

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