Can I Copy A Broken Key?

December 24 / 2021

It is possible to copy a broken key to make a new one. It involves a stringent process when you consider the type of key, the level of breakage, and the proficiency of the locksmith. But with the right information, tools, and skills, you can copy a broken key to make a new one without spending much time or using more resources.

What to Do When a Key Breaks

When a key breaks, make sure you remove the remaining parts from the padlock. Then get the following tools ready:

  • A vase and hand file
  • Some blank keys
  • A duplicating machine
  • A key depth gauge, and 
  • A micrometer
  • An editing software

If you have access to these tools, you can copy your broken key with a little help from a reliable locksmith in Fountain, CO.

How does the type of key matter?

As advancement continues to be made in the key industry, some patented keys can be hard to copy, even with the availability of the above tools. However, most of these luxury cars and patented house keys come with a key code which makes duplicating, even when broken, a possibility. If there is a problem with using the key code, contacting the manufacturers can’t be of great help.

Modern smart keys that use fobs can be difficult to copy, especially when broken. Though the fobs can be replaced by a locksmith, making a copy of them can prove hard and take more time and money than traditional keys.

For keys with a transponder chip, the broken part determines if it is possible to copy it or not. If the broken part is the blade and not the transponder chip, then it can be copied by a locksmith. But if the transponder chip breaks beyond recognition, then the only way forward is to program a new key with the signal from the broken chip.

Instructions for Copying a Broken Key

After removing the remaining parts of the key from the padlock, use a micrometer to measure the depth and cutouts of the key or take a clear picture of the broken key and use it to create a model in an editing machine. 

Alternatively, place broken parts of the key inside a duplicating machine, alongside a blank key, and follow the detailed cutting in the old key to carefully carve out the same details in the blank key, making sure the details are the same as they are on the old key. In the absence of a duplicating machine, use a vise and a hand file to gently cut the same cuttings in the blank key as seen in the broken key. 

Therefore, it is possible to duplicate a broken key with the right tools and skills. Ideally, you should consult a locksmith beforehand, and the right tools should be available.

However, to always be on the safe side, don’t copy a broken key if you don’t have the skills or the tools. Instead call a local expert from Colorado Springs Locksmith for door lock replacement. Our locksmiths understands the urgency to replace your key. We will come to any location to copy a broken as well as make a new one for you.

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