Can a Locksmith Open a House Door?

January 23 / 2023

Can a Locksmith Open a House Door?

We all experience those times when it seems everything is going wrong! From making silly mistakes to misplacing the keys to your locks. At such moments, homeowners panic as they try to find various measures to get back into their homes, which may involve causing unnecessary damage to the lock or door.

Instead of going through that route, a locksmith is the best person to call when you face any lock-related problem. This article goes a long way to clarify some Frequently Asked Questions about locksmiths and their work procedures. Read to know how locksmiths can rescue you from emergency lock situations.

Can A Locksmith Open A House Door?

The answer is yes. A locksmith has the training and facility to deal with lock and key systems. Therefore, it is one of the essential jobs of a locksmith to open houses, offices, and doors to commercial buildings. Locksmiths have different methodologies up their sleeves to tackle any lock-related problem.

How Do A Locksmith Open Doors?

Different methods are involved in opening locks, but they are classified into two types; destructive and non-destructive.

The first choice is the non-destructive method, which is usually successful. For instance, a locksmith will try the lock-picking method to resolve key loss or misplacement issues. This looks easy because of years of practice but it requires a lot of expertise. If a key breaks into the lock, locksmiths usually have key extraction equipment that gets the broken key out of the lock.

Only when the non-destructive methods prove abortive will a locksmith resolve to use a destructive method. However, they ensure that the most minor damage is caused to your lock and door. The most popular destructive method that locksmiths use is the drilling method, where they have to drill through the lock mechanism to open your door.

How Long Does It Take A Locksmith to Open A House Door?

Depending on the problem, it usually takes locksmiths less than thirty minutes to open a door. However, the time may vary due to the lock problem. Also, most locksmiths, like the Colorado Springs Locksmith are fully mobile and work round the clock to ensure that you are back in your home in no time.

What Other Residential Services Does A Locksmith Offer?

Here are a few services a locksmith offer:

Key Replacement and Duplication Services

If you’ve lost your keys and you don’t have a spare, the first thing you need is to get back to your house, then you need a new set of keys and any professional locksmith can render key replacement service. Also, if you want a spare key, then you should call a locksmith for a duplication service.

Lock Replacement

When your lock is beyond repair, a locksmith is the best person to call to get and install new locks into your home. Also, for homeowners who just moved, you need to ensure that all locks are changed, and you can either go for a rekeying or replacement service.

Emergency Lockout

Did you just discover you cannot get access to your home after a stressful day at the office? Call a mobile locksmith to get you back into your home in no time. Also, locksmiths can handle access control installation and repairs, master keys, high-security door locks, and automobile security systems. For all lock and security system issues, rely on Colorado Springs Locksmith for prompt solutions.

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