Best Places to Install Surveillance Cameras and Sensors in Your Home

July 15 / 2020

Gone are the days when you have to use a home security company to install and manage your residential surveillance systems. Today’s market offers myriads of products such as security cameras and sensors that you can easily install in your home and manage. While they are easy to set up, surveillance cameras and sensors need to be placed in the right areas to make the most of them.

Why Security Cameras and Sensors?

Though security cameras are not an active security deterrent like door locks, yet they play a role in the grand framework of home protection. As a homeowner, these surveillance devices help you to keep an eye out on remotes areas and high-traffic spots that are more vulnerable to break-ins.
Adding sensors to your existing security camera setup or buying a unit that features both video recording and sensor capability allows you to double down on your security efforts. For example, a sensor can be configured to send alerts through an app or email when it detects motion.
Now that we’ve briefly discussed the general idea of what security cameras and sensors are meant to accomplish in a home security setup, let’s see four areas of your home where surveillance cameras and sensors installation is beneficial.

The Perimeter of Your Home

One of the best locations to install security cameras and sensors is on the perimeter of your home. This will include areas such as front yard, driveway, a gate, or a fence. Placing your security devices around these locations will help you keep tabs on both authorized and unauthorized individuals trying to get access to your property.
To cover a much wider range, mount your cameras on vantage points in these areas. Besides, keep your surveillance devices out of reach. If your exterior cameras cannot be kept obscure, then make sure they are installed out of reach so they can’t be easily knocked down or destroyed by burglars or home intruders. But be careful to not capture your neighbors’ footage. Certain state laws and homeowners association guidelines prohibit recording the premises of others. So, make sure you don’t trample on someone’s rights. 

Front, Back, and Side Doors

Add security cameras at the main ingress points of your home as the areas are prone to higher traffics. Also, home invaders, opportunistic burglars, and unauthorized guests often target these entryways.
Mount your cameras above or near doors leading into your doorways to monitor every movement. Including sensors can help trigger instant notification about what’s happening in such areas.

Off-Street Windows

Windows are auxiliary access points that are prone to break-ins due to their privacy. This is especially the case for windows that don’t face a street. Many homeowners often leave these vulnerable points unchecked and burglars capitalize on that too. But it can be hard installing a security camera around these spots because of tight spaces that provide limited room for a surveillance camera to work as required. This is where security sensors come in. Some security sensors can be networked with security cameras that are installed in other parts of your home.
For expert recommendations on the perfect security cameras and sensors for your auxiliary entry points, contact locksmith in Colorado Springs CO.

Your Interior Living Spaces

Add hidden security cameras in your living room, master bedroom, and in other parts that house important valuables. In case burglar bypasses your exterior surveillance system, your home security camera is more likely to catch them as these cameras are often hard to spot and even harder to access.

Let Experts Work on Your Home Security Systems

Buying reliable security cameras and sensors and getting professional installation is just as important as their placement. Of what use is a surveillance device that catches the top of a burglar’s head or one that records unclear footage? For reliable battery-powered or wired surveillance cameras, contact Colorado Springs Locksmith to discuss your needs and get the perfect installation.

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