Benefits Of Touchless Access Control Systems For Property Managers

December 01 / 2021

Benefits Of Touchless Access Control Systems For Property Managers

With the new wave of COVID-19 hitting many countries, people are taking all possible precautions to avoid contracting the virus. From checking body temperature at the building entrance to enforcing social distancing and limiting elevator capacity; property managers are doing everything possible to keep everyone safe.

However, as we have fully returned to traditional office spaces, there is a need to introduce technology to prevent the virus spread. Therefore, an innovation to help staff, customers, and visitors avoid contact with door handles, readers, keycards, and other surfaces will be a welcomed development. That is where touchless access control systems come in. It helps the building owners and property managers to implement safety procedures during COVID-19 and beyond.

Here are other benefits of installing touchless access control systems on your property.

Reduces the Spread of Germs

By installing touchless security systems or electric door openers, property managers will reduce excessive touching of the door handles at the entrance doors. Several electric door openers can be operated with an app or motion sensor.

It gives everyone in the building the opportunity to stay hygienic and prevent the spread of the virus.

No Worries About Lost Keys

What is more frustrating than spending long hours at work? Realizing you have lost your keys! It can be pretty frustrating when your door gets jammed or you completely misplaced your keys. And as a property manager, you are always the one to take care of these needs which can be time-consuming and annoying.

You can avoid the use of keys by installing proximity card readers. They are designed not to require contact before opening the door.

Make Changes Remotely

If a tenant is having issues with access, there is no need to meet in person. You can easily update access permission remotely. You can also grant or revoke access, update schedules, and open doors to specific people from the comfort of your office. Goodbye to rush hours.

Enhanced Security

In an age where break-ins are rampant, most tenants want the assurance that their lives and property are safe. You can limit or allow access to specific people from accessing confidential parts of the property. This is possible by installing smart locks or Bluetooth access control readers.

The smart locks will enable you to keep a record of all the people that had access to your building by connecting with the property’s security cameras. This would give you a chance to stay on top of your security game.

Cost Efficiency

A touchless access control system like the Bluetooth access control reader for smartphones with smart keys is affordable against popular misconceptions. You do not need to break a bank to get one for your property. They are worth every penny spent.

Ready to get started?

Start a positive user experience for your staff, customers, and visitors by installing a contactless system for entry. It makes them realize that the management is doing everything to ensure their safety.

Contact Colorado Springs Locksmith if you want to talk with an expert or install a touchless access control system in your commercial facility.

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