Benefits of Switching to a Keypad Lock

September 07 / 2022

Benefits of Switching to a Keypad Lock

Your concern as a home and business owner is the security of your property and the safety of your family, employees, and valuables. One of the security enhancement procedures is to ensure that you have quality locks installed on your doors. In case you are not comfortable with the locksets installed on your property, consider upgrading the locks. However, you can opt for a variety of lock types when upgrading your residential or commercial locks. 

High-security locks, especially keypad locks will help improve the security of your property. You could contact a locksmith for a reliable keypad lock installation service. Why are keypad locks special? Why should you change your locks to keypad locks?

In this post, Colorado Springs Locksmith shares three reasons why you should consider switching to a keypad lock.


Having to surf through a bunch of keys every time can be exhausting, especially when you are in a haste to keep up with an appointment. Keypad locks help to get rid of such inconveniences. You don’t need to move about with a bunch of keys or risk losing them. The convenience that keypad locks offer is more beneficial in commercial settings or homes with large households. This implies that everyone can access the property without the fear of losing their keys and the possibility of the keys falling into the wrong hands.

All you need to activate or deactivate a keypad lock is the access code you generated. With keypad locks, you don’t have to worry about getting locked in or locked out of your property.


One of the benefits of switching to keypad locks is that they are more durable than traditional locks. Hence, giving you more value for your investment. Traditional locks tend to wear over time and you risk being frustrated with a broken key in the keyhole. After constantly using your traditional locks, the keys begin to wear and bend over time. This could result in a broken key.

Also, traditional locks can wear down as a result of extreme weather conditions, debris in the locking mechanisms, heavy use, or friction. This could require you to jiggle and forcefully turn your keys when using them. Keypad locks don’t have friction issues. Hence, increasing their chances of lasting longer than traditional locks.

Enhanced Security

We all invest in high-security locks because of the additional layer of security they offer. Keypad locks, unlike traditional locks, are technically immune to lock picking and lock bumping. Also, you do not have to worry about your keys falling into the wrong hands.

Furthermore, keypad locks allow you to change your access lock any time you want. This way, you can change the access code whenever you feel your existing codes have been compromised.

Final Words

The three points expressed above are valid reasons you should consider upgrading your locks. If you need assistance from professionals, Colorado Springs Locksmith provides reliable and relatively affordable locksmith services including keypad lock installation. Our team of skilled and experienced locksmiths is available to meet your locksmith needs and address any lock and key concerns. If you want quick, reliable, and affordable locksmith services, contact Colorado Springs Locksmith today.

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