Auto Locksmith Tips

September 30 / 2022

Auto Locksmith Tips

Let’s look at the common auto locksmith tips that could be beneficial to any vehicle owner. These tips could help you save time and money.

How to Reduce Cost When Getting A New Car Key

Various reasons could prompt you to get a new car key; whether you want a spare or your car keys were lost.

The car model and sophistication of the security system also determines the duration of the service and cost. However, one tip that can help you reduce costs is to go to a professional locksmith instead of a dealership. 

Dealerships generally charge more because of their prestige and end up outsourcing the jobs to locksmiths like us. So, rather than go through a dealership, you should come to a professional locksmith instead. That way, you can save both cost and time.

Tip to Avoid Getting Locked Out

Sometimes, getting locked out of one’s car is inevitable. However, you can prevent some situations if you keep a spare. Keeping a spare key in your home or with a close relative will help you avoid the extra cost of calling for an emergency lockout service or even cutting a new keys. Car key duplication services are generally less expensive and are a lifesaver. Remember, try to keep a spare key. 

What to do When Your Car Key Brakes in the Lock?

If your car keys broke in the lock, the first thing to avoid is forcefully extracting the lock. However, doing this may damage your cylinder and cost you more money. So instead, call a professional auto locksmith to extract the keys and make you new keys if you don’t have one.

Dealership or a Locksmith? 

Both experts offer similar services. Most car owners prefer going to a dealership because of the prestige; however, dealerships offer similar services as an auto locksmith at a higher price. Also, their services are not swift when compared with auto locksmith.

You can easily get a more affordable service if you hire an auto locksmith. So, it is best to consult a professional auto locksmith for all your car lock-related issues. 

How to know your Car Key’s Type?

It is no news that there are different types of car keys. The automobile industry has seen a drastic technological advancement that has led to different car keys.

A way to know if you have a transponder car key is to check your vehicle's make. Vehicles manufactured around 1999 downward have transponder keys. However, if you are using cars manufactured in recent years, your car is highly likely to operate on a keyless entry system. In other words, you don’t use a mechanical car key.

Getting The Right Auto Locksmith?

We understand that there are a lot of conmen disguised as locksmiths these days. However, ensure you always check for reviews before hiring a locksmith. Also, ask for an estimate and be on the lookout for any suspicious activities on the website.

We will also advise you to go for locksmiths that are near you. Finally, do not hesitate to contact Colorado Springs Locksmith for all your auto-related services. Our mobile locksmiths are always available to serve you.

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