Are You Comfortable Using Intelligent Deadbolts?

March 08 / 2022

Are You Comfortable Using Intelligent Deadbolts?

Locks have proven to be the standard security measure whenever we want to keep a place secure. And due to the importance of locks, diverse types and models have sprung up with the quest to increase durability, sophistication, and security. Recently, intelligent deadbolts known as smart locks have taken over the market and most businesses and homeowners are making the switch because of their ease of use and sophistication. 

Does that mean that smart locks are best for your home and business? Traditional locks have been around for decades and have stood the test of time, but what do smart locks have to offer? 

Benefits of Smart Locks

Before we go any further, let’s clarify the difference between the traditional and smart locks. Traditional locks are those that can be accessed manually with a key, which means they can only be locked and unlocked when someone is there to turn the keys. In contrast, smart locks can be accessed from your smartphone or using other keyless devices like fobs, security codes, or cards. 

We can all agree that at one point or the other, we’ve desperately asked "Have anyone seen my keys?" because we were running late for work. Now, with smart locks, there’s no need to worry about misplaced or broken keys because you can lock or unlock a door from your smartphone, even if you’re on the other side of the world. 

Also, you can grant and revoke access to anyone without giving out your keys. So, if the housekeeper needs to come in every Saturday or you are expecting a guest, all you need to do is grant them access.  This is particularly useful for commercial businesses that receive high traffic of people. Another benefit of smart locks is the log record. Every entry into your property is recorded for you to know who enters or leaves the building at specific times. 

Are Intelligent Locks Secure?

Smart locks are relatively new compared to traditional locks, and though it gives premium convenience and sophistication, security is also a great factor to consider. High-quality smart locks provide a great level of security when used appropriately. An added advantage is the log records where you get to see those who access your buildings at respective times. 

Just like any other lock, smart locks can malfunction and their software can be hacked. However, smart locks are being iterated daily, therefore you can rest assured that they provide good security and adequate protection.

Should I Get a Smart Lock? 

Getting a smart lock depends on your values and business goals. You have to determine what your priorities are before making a decision. If you have a commercial business that requires plenty locks and countless access to different individuals, then going for a smart lock that you and your team can easily manage will be an effective decision. In case you’re uncomfortable because of the newness and innovative nature of smart locks, keep in mind that smartphones were once new and it made people feel uncomfortable compared to now when almost everybody has a smartphone.

If you want to enjoy the many benefits smart locks have to offer, then get in contact with an experienced locksmith at Colorado Springs Locksmith. We will evaluate your security needs and install the right smart lock for you.

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