5 Different Types of Keys

September 21 / 2022

5 Different Types of Keys

We use keys every day, however, only a few people know the different types of keys in existence. Although some argue that there are 10 different types of keys, it is rather difficult to evaluate the many key types around the world. Each key is designed for a unique application. If you need a key replacement service, giving a locksmith the right information about the key installed on your door will help him proffer the perfect solution.

Many types of keys and models are out there. Even as we speak, manufacturers continuously push new and unique products to the market. However, for knowledge’s sake, we will be taking a quick look at 5 of them.

Flat-Fronted Key

Flat-fronted keys or flat keys are typically used with much older locks like pin-tumbler locks. As the name implies, this type of key is flat, thin, and rectangular. They are not like pin-tumbler keys that are cylindrical.

Flat keys are often attached to keychains, hence, making them relatively portable. Locksmiths make flat-fronted keys from blank flat keys. They uniquely cut blade patterns to produce each key. Flat keys are typically found on filing or desk cabinet locks, padlocks, cash boxes, and a few car door locks. Contact Colorado Springs Locksmith for a reliable key replacement service.

Dimple Key

There are a lot of similarities between flat keys and dimple keys. Firstly, they have a similar appearance. However, dimple keys tend to have a little depression, otherwise referred to as dimple. This type of key is seldom found in vending machine locks and is largely found in automobiles.

Some people refer to the dimple keys as dot, bump, or button keys. Dimple keys are often used to unlock and lock doors with spring-loaded pin locks.

Double-Sided Key

If you’ve come across a key with two springs, you have come across a bitted key or double-sided key. This type of key is popular for its applications as it can be used for a variety of locks. However, double-sided keys cannot be used in high-security vaults and safes because this kind of vault and safe require a sidebar key.

Sidebar Key

Sidebar keys are largely used to secure high-security vaults and safes. They are referred to as sidebar keys because they only fit one side of the lock. Hence, different from most keys that fit in both ways of the keyway. Unlike sidebar keys, most keys do not possess finger pins that drop down into the position. The sidebar of the sidebar key allows you to insert your key and turn it one way only.

Transponder Key

Transponder keys take advantage of technology to enhance security and convenience. It has a microchip that sends unique radio signals to your vehicle’s onboard computer. Transponder keys are most common in modern cars. These microchips are programmed to start their vehicles. This protects your vehicle from theft because the vehicle won’t start until the right key is detected.

Final Words

Contact Colorado Springs Locksmith for your automotive, residential, and commercial needs. Our knowledge, skillsets, and experience with every key type ensure that you get reliable locksmith services at all times.

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